4 Gentle Exercise Tips To Relieve Joint Pain

4 Gentle Exercise Tips To Relieve Joint Pain

Arthritis and other joint conditions can make exercise a painful ordeal. Adequate exercise is crucial for folks with joint issues, but the key is to find routines that support your joints instead of putting pressure on them. To keep your body moving every day, focus on more supportive aerobic routines. Check out these gentle exercise tips to relieve joint pain; now you’ve got no excuse to skimp on exercise!

Strength Training

You don’t need to stress out your body in order to build muscle. Start with lifting gentle weights three days a week. Take days off in between, and avoid focusing on the same muscle group for multiple days in a row. Pay attention to your whole body; when the muscle groups around your joints build strength, those joints will have more support.


Sit down and take inventory of your body. Pinpoint the areas that are giving you trouble, and work to stretch them and improve your range of motion. Basic yoga flows improve overall awareness of your body, and they don’t have to be strenuous at all. Incorporate a little yoga into your day, and you’ll find your sense of balance getting stronger. Proprioception, or the sense of where your joints are positioned, is crucial to taking care of them and keeping them supported.

Water Aerobics

Swimming and water sports are well-suited for folks with arthritis or other joint woes. The water supports those joints, so you’ll feel little to no impact when you move. Swimming builds strength and soothes aching joints. A good water aerobics routine will improve your range of motion without any harsh effects on your back, knees, and ankles. Slip into a pool or hot tub on a regular basis and feel that joint pain melt away as you move.


A little light garden work can go a long way, both for your mental well-being and your physical health. Be conscious of your joints as you work, and make adjustments as necessary. Start a garden on your patio table or your kitchen windowsill if you’re not up to bending over. When you do bend and reach, treat your joints gently. Hinge from the hips as you bend, and be kind to your shoulders when you reach and pull.

Regular movement is crucial to managing pain from arthritis and other joint afflictions. Exercise wisely, and prioritize your joints’ health. Move a little bit more every day, and listen to your body when it tells you it’s done. With these gentle exercise tips to relieve joint pain, you’ll be better able to manage your condition and enjoy a higher quality of life.