4 Reasons Why Pre-Planning Your Funeral Is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

Death and dying can be a challenging subject to broach, even with loved ones. No one likes to consider the possibility of losing a mother or father, and parents don’t want to leave their children in a predicament during incredibly challenging times. As parents, the best gift to give your children is the peace of mind that your final arrangements, including the kind of memorial service you desire, are taken care of, with every detail remembered.

Removes the guesswork

Taking charge of your final arrangements removes the guesswork family members will face regarding your last wishes. Your loved ones will be grieving and overwhelmed. If they are unaware of your wishes for your celebration of life, they will be forced to make uninformed decisions that may lead to lifelong feelings of guilt. By pre-planning, your loved ones will know exactly how you want to be remembered, with all of the special details that make you unique, and won’t have to make uninformed choices.

Eliminates a financial burden

Planning a funeral or cremation service in advance can take care of the details. But only pre-arranging (prepaying for services) can take care of the actual expense of the funeral or cremation service ahead of time, easing the future financial burden on surviving loved ones. Unexpected expenses can result in added stress on your loved ones during the most difficult time of their life.

Avoids overspending

While memorial services are available for every budget, your loved ones may not make the best decisions during a difficult and emotional time. They also may feel that the amount they spend is representative of their love for you. By making your wishes known and pre-arranging your memorial service, you set the budget. In addition, you lock in today’s prices.

Provides peace of mind

Discussing death can be a difficult topic, and one many people choose to avoid. By pre-arranging your final arrangements, documenting your wishes and simply letting family members know where to locate your arrangement documents, your children and other loved ones will know all of the details are taken care of, and they don’t have to ask sensitive questions.

Proactively pre-planning and pre-arranging your final details ensures your personal wishes are documented, while easing the emotional and financial burdens your family will face. For more tips on making your final arrangements visit www.dignitymemorial.com.

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