5 Helpful Wellness Tips to Stick By This Summer

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Summer has always equaled playtime which is when you want to look and feel your best. Celebrity fitness trainer and creator of KICHGO, Kit Rich, gives five helpful tips to stick by this summer. We all know that taking care of yourself is important, but taking extra care of yourself is crucial during the summer’s warmer months.

TIP #1: Workout in the morning 

Working out in the morning sets the tone for the day. After all, we have more hours of sunlight so check off the “workout” box early so you can enjoy the rest of your day! It also keeps you from overindulging as you want to continue feeling good and tend to not overdo it.

You should sweat 30 minutes 6 days per week. On the 7th day, do 30 minutes of light stretching or walking. It’s important not to do a full body workout every single day because you don’t want to over train.

Whether you are traveling or are home for the summer, KICHGO makes it easy to workout. Better known as the big gym in a little bag that weighs less than 2 pounds (equal to 2 cans of soup!), it contains 11 tried and true items including resistance bands, handles, ankle straps, dual-sided sliders, door anchor, inflatable Pilates ball, and jump rope. Videos curated by Kit are included and range from 5-30 minutes.

TIP #2: Watch salt intake 

It’s important to watch your salt intake, especially during the summer, to prevent excess bloating and water weight. Increasing your potassium intake after a salty meal can also help push out excess sodium. Foods you should gravitate towards include bananas, spinach, tomatoes, and oranges. Remember eat foods in their most natural state and avoid highly processed.

TIP #3: Hydrate

Make sure you drink enough water—8 glasses per day.  Summer heat is often harsh which can affect your skin and it’s a great way to help your body flush out waste through sweat. Piggybacking off tip #2, if you do feel bloated, drink more water as it flushes out the salt.

For those who don’t enjoy drinking water, add a squeeze of lemon or a splash of cranberry juice (unsweetened). Both have health benefits and help flush your system.

Tip # 4 – Take Vitamins

It’s so important to take vitamins and stay healthy all year long, but if you need an excuse to get started, summer is a great one. Taking vitamins can reduce the risk of skin damage—Vitamins C, E, A and D.  To keep your skin glowing, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Skin Food and Hum Glow Sweet Glow are great.

TIP #5: Opt for a spray tan 

This one may seem silly but it will make you feel better! Being tan also tricks the eye to make you look thinner, not to mention it’s a much healthier option than baking in the sun.

For more information on KICHGO visit www.kichgo.com. For more information on Kit Rich visit www.kitrich.com

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