6 Health Conditions That Can Benefit From Massages

6 Health Conditions That Can Benefit From Massages

Massages aren’t only for a relaxing spa day. They’re also a form of treatment for a variety of health issues. Continue reading about six health conditions that can benefit from massages!

Anxiety and Depression

Individuals with anxiety or depression may have low serotonin levels. That’s why massages are beneficial resources—they can boost serotonin and create a better state of mind.

It’s difficult to feel like yourself when your mind races with different thoughts. The additional serotonin that massages release can help you minimize stress levels and improve your mental health.


Occasional massages can minimize the frequency of migraines. When the cause originates from strong tension in the head and neck, trigger-point massages can target those areas and relieve the pain.

Trigger point massages that focus on the head and neck are the most effective methods to provide relief. They can also improve your sleep quality and stress levels, as you won’t have the threat of a migraine to stress you out.


Many adults in the US have high blood pressure or hypertension. Medication, exercise, and healthy eating habits are effective ways to minimize the effects of this condition. However, massage therapy is an additional treatment that can lower high blood pressure.

With the right healthy practices paired with massages, you can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Massages help you maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your condition.


Just as massages can improve blood circulation in individuals with hypertension, they can also contribute relief for those with diabetes.

People with diabetes must monitor their glucose levels. Luckily, massages can lower blood sugar levels and prevent hyperglycemia. That’s why an occasional massage is so desirable for those with this health condition.

Chronic Muscle Pain

Another health condition that can benefit from massages is chronic muscle pain. Chronic muscle pain can occur for a variety of reasons.

Muscles frequently tense up when stressed, after exercise, or following improper movements. Massages can decrease the tension in the muscles and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

As people age, their muscles tense up more frequently, making it more challenging to exercise or perform everyday movements. That’s why seniors can benefit from at-home massage chairs. Instead of scheduling a massage twice a month, they can obtain one from the comfort of their home and quickly reap the benefits.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The median nerve is a sensory and motor nerve that sends commands and sensory information to the forearms and hands. When excess pressure occurs on the median nerve, people may develop carpal tunnel syndrome. The hands, wrists, and arms may feel numb or weakened.

Massages can increase flexibility and range of motion while easing pain. It’s not a cure for the condition, but it’s an effective method for those who need relief.

Don’t put additional stress on your body! Find help through massage therapy and discover how it can improve your life.