A Guide to Post Plastic Surgery Lymphatic Massage

By Erika Tempro, Founder and MD, Detox Massage

Plastic surgery acts as a remedy for imperfections ranging from birth, natural, cosmetic, accidents to natural disasters. Sophistication of plastic surgery in recent times has promoted top-notch plastic surgery procedures with minimal to no complications. In retrospect, plastic surgery calls for strict adherence to post surgery practices aimed at preventing or minimizing complications resulting from surgery.

All types of surgeries have common problems like swelling, soreness and pain, especially in the first 72 hours of the surgery. These symptoms are not foreign to plastic surgeries.

Numerous types of plastic surgeries exist. These include, but not limited to: liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, breast reduction, breast lifts and Brazilian butt lift. All these types of plastic surgeries, like any other surgery, require proper post care. Common post surgery practises include: gentle activity, restrained from smoking and alcohol abuse, having at least seven sleeping hours amongst others.

Even though the general post care practices are key to recovery, additional practises have come up to catalyze the recovery process. One such practice is lymphatic drainage massage.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

The lymphatic system is responsible for the transportation of protein, fat cells, and white blood cells, which are disease-fighting cells. The damage or obstruction of the lymphatic system, therefore, leads to an unhealthy body, swellings, pain, and so forth. The restoration of the normal working of the lymphatic system is a recipe for optimally functioning body systems.

Plastic surgery procedures lead to the misalignment of the lymph vessels and lymph nodes. These vessels usually realign and rejoin after a long time, usually within a couple of weeks. Lymphatic drainage massage comes in handy to reduce the amount of time needed for this realignment. In this way, the plastic surgery recovery process is fast tracked.

Lymphatic massage by well trained and experienced masseuse like ours, targets the lymphatic system to facilitate the transportation of the lymph fluid. The lymph fluid is an important aspect in the waste elimination technique of the body. The fluid carries bodily wastes and toxins which are then filtered out of the body by the lymph nodes. Lymphatic massage is carried out gently and on precise target locations on the body to effectively correct the existing problems in the lymphatic system.

Post Plastic Surgery Massage and its Benefits

Post plastic surgery massage as the name suggests is a type of massage aimed at accelerating surgery patient recuperation. Incision cuts done on the body during surgery can take a long time to heal and leave huge undesirable scars on the skin. Post plastic surgery massage aims to correct such deficits in the surgery. Plastic surgery recovery requires application of post plastic surgery massage to patients to catalyze the healing process, with the integration of common care procedures such as adequate rest/ bed hours.

Post plastic surgery massage offers numerous benefits to the recuperating patient. These benefits include:

1. Reduces and Relieves Pain

Post plastic surgery massage such as lymphatic massage helps the patient recuperate with minimal pain. The healing duration is also shortened as more and more white blood cells ingress the incision and facilitate blood clotting and thus, healing.

Lymphatic massage also arouses patients’ comfort due to its relaxing effect on patients. This relaxation eases the pain resulting from the incisions made during surgery.

2. Prevent or Reduces Swelling

Post plastic surgery massage relaxes muscles and enhances the circulation of lymph fluid around the surgery incision area and the surrounding tissue. The massage prevents the blockage of lymph vessels which would block the vessel to cause the swelling.

3. Gives blood more oxygen

Post plastic surgery massage relaxes blood vessels’ walls and the surrounding tissues to allow the free circulation of oxygen in blood. This aids oxygen-dependent processes like respiration.

4. Boost immune system

Plastic surgery recovery occurs faster when massage is employed as part and parcel of the post surgery treatment regime. The immune system largely attributes its nature to the nature of the underlying lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is responsible for body detoxification and flushing out of wastes that are detrimental to body health. Since massage streamlines the lymphatic system and brings it back to normalcy, post plastic surgery becomes an important ingredient or tool for faster healing in plastic surgery patients

Plastic surgery interferes with lymph vessels, usually requiring a couple weeks for the vessels and the lymphatic system at large to restore to normalcy. This period of distorted functioning of the lymphatic system results in undesirable post surgery issues such as pain, swelling, soreness and slow recovery.

Post plastic surgery lymphatic massage provides a solution to this issue. Lymphatic drainage massage targets the entire lymphatic system to restore its functionality. Since the lymphatic system is responsible for important functions such as transportation of white blood cells, the plastic surgery recovery process takes a relatively shorter span of time.

Lymphatic massage as a post plastic surgery recovery technique requires experience and skill to make it effective. Visit our website today and book us to begin your quick post surgery recovery.

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