A Reactive Complexion: Warning Signs You Have Sensitive Skin

A Reactive Complexion: Warning Signs You Have Sensitive Skin

Contrary to what some individuals have experienced, your skin shouldn’t flare up every time you use a skin care product. It shouldn’t even burn within an hour of sitting out in the sun. But this is the reality for many people dealing with sensitive skin. Part of the struggle of handling this condition is being unaware that you have it. But when you recognize the warning signs you have sensitive skin, you can start addressing your triggers and easing your symptoms.

You’re Prone to Rashes

Those who live with sensitive skin might first recognize it by the appearance of rashes after seemingly minor events. Whether you’re wearing a certain type of clothing or using a specific brand of soap, you might find that your skin becomes red or itchy following exposure. This means that your cells are experiencing an allergic reaction to these triggers and flaring up in an attempt to protect themselves. Some other common triggers include laundry detergents, fragrances, and household cleaning products.

Stinging or Burning Sensations

Even if your skin doesn’t redden on contact with an irritant, you could still have sensitive skin if you feel a stinging or burning sensation every time you use certain products. If you experience this following your skin care routine, it may mean that you’re sensitive to an ingredient in one of the formulas. Narrowing it down can be difficult. However, it’s crucial to avoiding this type of discomfort in the future.

Some Area Are More Sensitive Than Others

Another important warning sign you have sensitive skin is that some areas develop symptoms more than other areas of your body. Having sensitive skin doesn’t mean that all of your skin has the same amount of sensitivity. In fact, some areas may not react to your typical triggers at all. In these cases, managing your sensitive skin involves pinpointing vulnerable areas along with steering clear of irritants.

You Sunburn Easily

One of the biggest indicators of sensitive skin is how your complexion responds to the sun. The sun’s harsh UV rays can damage everyone’s skin over time. But for those with sensitive skin, the reaction happens a lot quicker. You might find yourself with a sunburn relatively early in the day despite putting on sunscreen and taking precautions. Because of this, you must take extra steps to protect yourself from the sun. Wear more clothing and stay in the shade when possible.