An Eco-Friendly Personal Care Routine Is Easier Than You Think

You want the best for yourself and the world around you. That’s why you’re starting to consider simple steps you can take in your personal care routine for a better you and a better Earth. Fortunately, small changes that are easy to make can have a big impact, for your health and well-being, and the planet.

There are many things you do every day to help you look and feel your best. While personal care products may not historically align with being eco-friendly, there’s more research and products available than ever before so you don’t have to choose between caring for yourself and the world around you.

Consider these five simple changes you can make that help the planet without you sacrificing the quality or comfort you want in your personal care routine:

1. Give bars a try

When you get into the shower, how many plastic bottles do you see? You can eliminate waste and save money by trying different types of self-care cleansing bars. Of course you have heard of bars of soap, but do you also know that there are shampoo and conditioner bars as well? These bars reduce packaging and do not contain the water that is often found in their bottled counterparts, meaning they typically save H2O. Plus, shipping them is more efficient because it’s a lighter product, so there’s a reduced carbon footprint.

2. Use eco-friendly period products

Do you use tampons? If so, you’re far from alone. More than 34 million women use tampons annually. When it comes to tampon use, 91% of women say that insertion comfort is a top priority and an important factor when choosing menstrual products. That often puts eco-minded women in a difficult position, because they want a plastic applicator for insertion comfort but they want to reduce plastic waste, too. A new option means you don’t have to choose: Playtex Clean Comfort is the only tampon that features a plastic tip with an eco-friendly cardboard plunger, so you can help the environment without giving up comfort. Learn more at

3. Stock reusable makeup supplies

Whether you opt for a lighter look of blush and mascara or go all out for full-on glam, makeup is a regular part of many women’s mornings. You can still look great and help Mother Earth look her best, too, by seeking reusable items in your makeup routine. Reusable makeup sponges and blenders are broadly available and easy to use. Additionally, look for eco-friendly makeup brushes and wash them regularly to sanitize and extend their lifespan. You can also stock up on reusable makeup cloths to effectively wash your face at the end of the day rather than using disposable options.

4. Buy eco-smart tea and coffee accessories

Whether it’s your morning pick-me-up or afternoon me-time, a warm cup of your favorite brew is an important part of your personal care routine. If you enjoy coffee, shop for sustainably sourced beans. If you use an individual-style coffee brewer, get reusable pods that can be filled with your favorite grounds for brewing, and then you can wash to reuse the pod the next time. This saves money and reduces plastic waste. If tea is your preference, consider shopping for loose-leaf options in bulk. You’ll often get fresher, more unique blends and then you can steep the tea in a tea ball or similar style strainer to eliminate waste.

5. Support eco-minded brands

When shopping, look for items that use recycled packaging. You can shop greener by purchasing from eco-conscious brands and those that have partnerships and programs to support the environment. For example, Playtex has joined forces with the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA), a global nonprofit organization equipping women leaders with the skills and tools they need to protect the environment and strengthen communities from the inside out. This partnership with WEA will help empower more women to launch environmental projects that create a healthy, safe and thriving world for all.

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