Are Your Kids Safe Online? How You Can Protect Your Kids On The Internet

It’s never been more important for parents to ensure their children are safe and staying productive online. With so many popular apps, websites and streaming services, keeping track of what your children are exposed to can be difficult. Even the most cautious kids can become victims of cybercrimes, especially child identity theft.

Children 18 years old and younger are often targets of identity theft because their unmarked credit scores and Social Security numbers are rarely monitored. According to a report by Javelin Research, child identity fraud costs families in the U.S. almost $1 billion a year and requires much time for parents to resolve. The report also found that:

  • 1.25 million children were victims of identity theft in 2021
  • 1 in 50 children became an ID fraud victim in 2021

These statistics are frightening, but that doesn’t mean that parents need to live in fear. By taking proactive steps to protect your children online, you can empower them to use technology responsibly while keeping them safe from potential online threats.

Child internet safety: A national concern

Child internet safety is not a new topic, but it’s become even more relevant to the public thanks to the rapidly growing number of social media platforms and other digital sites and apps. The issue is so prevalent that it’s caught the attention of lawmakers. Introduced to the U.S. Senate in February, the Kids Online Safety Act is a bipartisan bill that would create new rules and safeguards to protect children from stalking, exploitation, addiction and dangerous materials online.

“The internet can open up a world of experiences for children, but it can also expose them and the whole family to digital crime,” said Kelly Merryman, President and COO of Aura, an all-in-one digital safety platform. “Parental controls are a powerful tool that allows your children to safely explore the internet while giving you much-needed peace of mind.”

Keep your kids safe with parental controls

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that kids as young as eight years old spend an average of six hours per day looking at screens, and that number only goes up as kids get older. While you can’t monitor every minute your kids spend online, you can use parental controls to protect them as they enjoy the latest trends, games and shows.

Aura, an all-in-one digital safety app, recently acquired Circle Parental Controls, the creator of the leading parental control and screen time management solution for families. Aura is now offering a bundled family plan that will include all of its digital safety features — identity, device, account and financial protection — with Circle Parental Controls. With this solution, parents can:

  • Manage all mobile devices wherever kids go
  • Filter content by age and interests
  • Create individual profiles with limited or restricted access to apps, websites and streaming services
  • Set screen time limits for kids’ profiles
  • Keep tabs on your kids’ internet usage

With these tools, families can foster healthy internet habits in kids as well as protect them (and you) from potential cybercrimes. To learn more about parental controls and access a free trial of Aura’s family plan, visit Aura’s website.

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