ASuperior Contact Center Provides Communication Infrastructure for Essential and Non-Essential Businesses, Hospitals and Trade Services

ASuperior Contact Center, headquartered in Madison, Georgia, are part of the elite group of front-line first responders. This industry of unsung heroes ensures communication continuity, so that others can focus on service delivery and patient care without interruption.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASuperior Contact Center quickly mobilized to ensure their agents could continue their work. Telecommunications companies like ASuperior have been the behind the scenes support industry and an important infrastructure asset for many essential and non-essential businesses and especially hospitals and trade services. Contact centers like ASuperior provide multiple communication avenues, such as live chat, texting, email monitoring, lead generation responses, and traditional answer services to engage and respond to people immediately. They are open and available around the clock – 24•7•365 to serve.

ASuperior General Manager, Michael Raymond says, “Our industry is a vital link between residents and trade services such as Plumbing, HVAC and Landscaping, just to name a few. Many trades are in high demand as residents continue to shelter-in-place. We’re also able to provide urgent/emergency dispatching services and also gather service requests and schedule appointments. Medical facilities are experiencing extremely high call volumes that are creating excessive hold times. Healthcare providers are overloaded with calls and urgent dispatching needs and this is really where our industry and team shines.”

As a four-time recipient of the ATSI Award of Excellence, ASuperior’s team has the responsibility to deliver rapid response answering with a high-degree of accuracy and call quality. While open and available 24•7•365, essential services such as live answering, urgent/emergency dispatching, call overflow support, order taking and virtual receptionist services have helped business owners ensure service continuity — especially when so many have had to lay-off their employees.

“We can help any business, and the best part about our services is that they are reasonable, affordable, and invaluable for essential and non-essential businesses. Our team steps in and frees up the experts to focus on their work, patients, or other critical matters,” says Shelly Massey, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development.

For more information about ASuperior Contact Center, kindly visit or call 24.7.365 at 800.344.6470. Connect with ASuperior Contact Center on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn at @ASuperiorContactCenter.

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