At-home Self-care Practices to Elevate Your Day

Daily life has been pretty busy — especially in 2021. Between working from home, remote learning with kids, virtual friend meetups or just trying to stick to a daily routine, there has been little time and space for self-care to revitalize our mood and help us feel our best emotionally, physically and mentally.

But, in the midst of busy days, what if there were easy and convenient ways to treat yourself and your body when a day at the salon or relaxing evening in a warm bath isn’t in the cards? When self-care falls to the bottom of your to-do list, there are a handful of easy practices you can try throughout the day to keep yourself in balance.

Power up your morning routine: Turn yourself into a morning person with a quick dose of calm and relaxation. Set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier to decompress before starting the day — listen to your favorite music, stretch, give yourself a face massage with your favorite serum — whatever helps to kick off your a.m. routine with peace and positivity. To give your morning an aromatic boost, energize your bathroom routine with fresh natural scents — such as rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and anything in citrus — that can be dropped into a small portable diffuser to invigorate the senses and relax the body.

Stay cool and fresh post-workout: With many of us spending more time at home, being able to squeeze in a quick workout can help reduce stress and anxiety — as well as get our bodies ready for a more restful night’s sleep. When you’re working out or even working up a sweat while running errands, you’ll want to have a few items handy to keep you feeling cool and fresh, especially if you lack time for a shower. Keep a jade roller in the fridge, and after your sweat session, simply apply to the face to soothe away redness and make your complexion glow. To freshen up in a hurry when you don’t have time to shower, stash away a few Summer’s Eve Active Cleansing Cloths so you can be ready for whatever, whenever! They are pH-balanced and they’ll get rid of sweat and odor-causing bacteria.

Take screen breaks: When busy workdays keep your gaze glued to the screen, it can leave you feeling achy and irritated. Be sure to sneak in some much-needed self-care during a long day. After the virtual meeting, slip on an invigorating face mask. When you’re feeling groggy, get up from your chair and do some gentle yoga stretches to get the blood flowing and relieve tension. Finally, a quick session of “daylight therapy” is good for a serotonin boost and a pop of alertness. Seek out a sunny nook to sip your matcha tea or head outside for a brisk walk around the block.

Feel your best for date night: Date nights may look a little different this year, but getting in some quality time with your partner is a great way to unwind and brighten up your mood — whether you’re ordering takeout or cooking a homemade dinner! Whatever you and your loved one have planned, be ready with essentials that can help you look good and feel good for a date night in. Use a softening hand cream or cuticle oil to soften rough skin and nails that get extra dry from sanitizer and handwashing. Always be prepared and show intimate skin some love when in the shower by using a gentle, pH-balanced wash like Summer’s Eve Date Night Cleansing Wash, which features one of the brand’s clinically tested Safe Scents, Alluring Evening.

Get your beauty rest: Let’s talk about getting your best sleep! An hour or so before bedtime, make sleepy-time self-care a priority. Put away the screens and cultivate a peaceful state of mind. A brief meditation session lowers the heart rate and stress level, so you can turn in with a blissful state of calm. If you’re a beginner to meditation, start by setting a timer for five minutes and just use the time to do nothing but focus the mind on your breath. Breathe in, hold for a beat, then release. Keep a dream journal at your bedside table, so you can be sure you’re getting adequate deep REM sleep, which is needed to optimize your mood, learning and memory.

Whether you opt for a quick refresh post workout to get you ready to take on the day or slip on a soothing face mask post virtual meeting, these are just a few ways you can sneak in some much-needed self-care during a long day.

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