Back-To-School Quiz for Parents: Put Your Vaccination Knowledge to the Test

It’s that time of year: Kids are squeezing in the last seconds of summer, and parents are working hard to make sure the first days back at school go off without a hitch. Once kids return to the classroom, it’s important to remember that their brains aren’t the only things that will be put to the test — their immune systems will, too. Parents, make sure your children are up to date on all recommended vaccinations to help prevent them from getting vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and chickenpox.

Parents, are you ready for your child to go back to school? Take this pop quiz to test your knowledge of routine childhood vaccines.

Which of the following is true about routine childhood vaccines?

  1. Well-child visits and recommended vaccinations are essential and help make sure children stay healthy. Children who are not protected by vaccines are more likely to get diseases like measles and whooping cough. These diseases are extremely contagious and can be very serious, even deadly. In recent years, there have been outbreaks of these diseases in the U.S., especially in communities with low vaccination rates.
  2. Children may qualify for no-cost vaccines. The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program offers vaccines at no cost to children who qualify. In fact, about half of American children receive VFC vaccines.
  3. Routine vaccinations during childhood help prevent 18 serious diseases. Some children may be behind on their recommended vaccines due to disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend children catch up on routine childhood vaccinations.
  4. All the above.

The answer: D!

Parents want to protect their children as best they can and ensure they can learn and grow — and routine childhood vaccinations are an essential step in getting there. Learn more about routine childhood vaccination so you can help set your child’s health up for success this school year.

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