Café 44

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Restaurants offer you a variety of options (healthy and not healthy) when you’re eating out. Since the serving portions are often big, it’s easy to eat or drink too many calories. And if you’re not careful you can increase your intake of saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.

Bob Gour of Cafe 44 offers 10 ways you can make healthier choices when dining out.

  1. When ordering a sandwich get it open faced with half the bread or no bread at all.
  2. Always order water, stay away from sodas.
  3. Have one of our fresh vegetable or house salads as a side.     
  4. Order one of our entree salads with olive oil and vinegar.
  5. Only eat meats that are all natural, no additives.  All Cafe 44’s meats are prepared this way.
  6. Share an entree with a friend.
  7. Order a broth-based soup.
  8. Substitute avocado for mayonnaise or leave off the mayonnaise.
  9. Leave off crouton and bread from soups and salads.
  10. Close your eyes when you pass the pastry case.

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