Common Types of Eye Problems That Come With Old Age

Common Types of Eye Problems That Come With Old Age

We need to watch out for changes in our bodies caused by aging. For example, eye problems are common in aging patients. There are plenty of treatment options for these conditions once you can identify them, so know of these common types of eye problems that come with old age.


Presbyopia is the natural process of losing one’s ability to see close-up objects and small print. This process occurs slowly over a lifetime, but you may notice your close-range vision starting to deteriorate around the age of 40. Trying to strain the eyes reading small print can cause headaches or eyestrain in some, especially when reading or working for extended periods. One solution for presbyopia is to wear reading glasses or bifocal lenses for those who already require glasses to correct vision problems.


Cataracts are one of the most common forms of eye problems, and old age is one of the biggest causes of this condition. Your eye’s surface lens is usually transparent, though when cataracts develop, the lens can develop cloudy spots. Not all cataracts can obscure vision, though more severe cases can affect vision and cause glare, halos, and other vision defects. Luckily, laser cataract surgery is one of the most common eye surgeries for those who have vision loss.


There are several different risk factors for developing glaucoma, one of which is age. Glaucoma involves a heightening of pressure within the eye. This buildup of pressure can damage the ocular nerves, resulting in vision loss. Most people may not realize that they have glaucoma at first because they may not show symptoms early. There are treatments for glaucoma, such as prescription eye drops, medications, laser treatment, or other surgeries.

Other Eye Problems

Several other smaller eye problems can result from old age. Dry eyes are common as we age, resulting in dry, itchy, or burning eyes. This is due to tear glands not producing enough tears. On the other hand, teary and watery eyes occur when your eyes produce too many tears. The eyes may be sensitive to light, wind, and other conditions as well in this case. Finally, floaters are one more common eye issue, in which you may notice tiny specks floating across your field of vision.

If you or a loved one are getting on in years, watch for symptoms of these common types of eye problems that come with old age. While many of them are not serious, they can still cause discomfort, vision loss, and may even be a sign of a greater issue, so always keep your eye doctor notified. Remember, eye problems are a part of normal aging, but there are treatments to help.