Debunking Common Myths About Weight Loss Surgery

Debunking Common Myths About Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a procedure that allows people to lose a significant amount of weight. However, there are a few misconceptions that surround this surgery choice. Fortunately, we’re here debunking common myths about weight loss surgery to give you the facts!

Myth 1: Weight Loss Surgery Is Dangerous

Although every surgery comes with risks, advances in medical technology and techniques for weight loss surgery reduce many complications. To put things in perspective, weight loss surgery is as routine as gall bladder surgery, and most people make a full recovery without facing any risks.

Myth 2: Weight Loss Surgery Is Unnecessary

Diet and exercise play a significant role in weight loss and maintenance, but they may not be enough for some people. Many seek bariatric surgery because their current diet and exercise regimen isn’t working, and they’re suffering from medical issues. Not only can weight loss surgery help you lose weight, but it can improve obese-related health complications. For example, improving cardiovascular health is a reason why bariatric surgery for weight loss could be right for you.

Myth 3: People Gain the Weight Back

Post-weight loss surgery, patients may lose between 50 to 100 pounds within the first year. After lightening up on eating restrictions, people may think patients will easily gain the weight back. However, many studies have shown that weight loss surgery patients keep the weight off compared to people who lost weight without surgery. This suggests that people can successfully maintain their surgery results.

Myth 4: Weight Loss Surgery Is “The Easy Way Out”

Though it’s true that people lose a significant amount of weight after weight loss surgery, this procedure is not “the easy way out.” After surgery, patients must change their lifestyles to maintain results. Some changes include eating nutritious meals, avoiding specific food, and adopting an exercise regimen. Although the initial weight will come off quickly, it’s up to them to make effective changes that will determine long-lasting results.

Weight loss surgery is an effective weight-loss method that many people find helpful in their health journeys. Though misconceptions and stigmas surround this choice, they’re not all true. We hope you gained insight into this procedure from hearing these common myths about weight loss surgery debunked.