DreamBuilt Supports St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Foundation’s Capital Campaign

DreamBuilt has stepped up to support St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Foundation’s $3 million capital campaign to purchase a 640-slice CT scanner, permanent MRI system, and to build space for a Cardiac Stress Lab and the new MRI system. 

DreamBuilt is a Gold Gift Level ($20,000 – $49,999) member of Good Samaritan Foundation’s Business Partners Society. 

“The St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Foundation Board is truly grateful for DreamBuilt, which has been so supportive of Good Samaritan Hospital and Foundation throughout the years and now with our current capital campaign,” said Riezl Baker, Good Samaritan Foundation board member. “We deeply appreciate the generosity of DreamBuilt for continuing to support Good Samaritan Hospital’s mission to be a compassionate and transforming healing presence in our community.”

DreamBuilt LLC is a design/build firm established at Lake Oconee in 1999. During the 22 years they have been designing and building in the Lake Oconee communities, DreamBuilt has completed 356 projects. The homes cover the spectrum from custom, well-appointed, empty-nester projects and farm cabins, to permanent homes built for growing families, to luxury retreats in a wide range of scale and finish levels. Derek and Ann Welch and Jim and Paige Ruhl continue to focus on their individual talents to provide all of the resources for a timely and efficient building process. They are proud to be an integral part of the growing Lake Oconee area.

“In order to have a thriving community like ours, you need cornerstones to attract economic development,” said Paige Ruhl. “We are lucky to have the lake to draw people from all over the country. Innovative restaurants and shopping, successful educational opportunities and a hospital where people have access to state-of-the-art health care facilities are critical in a successful community. St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital is a key cornerstone to our quickly evolving lake community.  Ensuring that Lake Oconee is an amazing destination for full-time and seasonal residents means that DreamBuilt will continue to be a successful small business. We are delighted to support the businesses and efforts that parallel our goals.”

About Good Samaritan Foundation’s Capital Campaign:

According to St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment, cardiovascular health is the number one health need in our community.  In response to the growing need, Good Samaritan Hospital made plans to offer enhanced cardiac diagnostic services that were previously not available in our community and in September 2019, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Foundation launched the “Expanding Technology, Elevating Care” Capital Campaign to raise $3 million to purchase a 640-slice CT scanner, permanent MRI system, and to build space for a Cardiac Stress Lab and the new MRI system.  After the first $1 million was raised in late 2020, the CT scanner was installed and has been operational since January 2021.  Once the remainder of the $3 million is raised, St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital will begin planning for the building expansion that will house a new MRI system and Cardiac Stress Lab.

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