Effective Ways To Improve Your Posture at Work

Effective Ways To Improve Your Posture at Work

An individual’s posture has more of an effect on their overall health than we tend to think. From back and neck pain to full-fledged injuries, it’s the way we sit all day that causes these issues to develop. As such, if you work a job that requires you to stay in one position for eight hours, you’ll need a few tricks to keep yourself comfortable. These are a few ways to improve your posture at work and create a healthier, more productive space.

Acquire a Quality Desk Chair

Believe it or not, the way you opt to sit at your desk often has more to do with your chair than your natural stance. The quality of its build can influence your comfort and change the position you most want to use during your workday. So finding a chair that provides support in all the right places will be the key to improving your back alignment and helping you find a healthier posture. There are several other qualities of a good desk chair to keep in mind, such as its adjustability and overall ergonomics.

Use Proper Keyboard Placement

You can also make a noticeable change by putting your keyboard and mouse in the proper place on your desk. When these items are angled or off to the side, we often need to stretch or turn our bodies in an awkward manner to reach them. Though this might not feel strange for the first several months, it can eventually lead to various aches and pains throughout the body. But by placing your keyboard parallel with the edge of the desk, you can utilize it to its fullest without needing to strain yourself.

Keep Your Legs Uncrossed

Another noteworthy way to improve your posture at work is to break the habit of crossing your legs when sitting at your desk. While we’ve all done it at some point, and it can actually make you feel more comfortable in the moment, this action automatically shifts your weight back. This position means that you’ll slouch every time you lean forward to type. Uncrossing your legs will keep your feet evenly planted on the ground and your back straight.

Make Movement a Part of Your Day

Getting up and moving around periodically throughout the day can be effective as well. It allows you to stretch out your muscles and realign your spine in a way that’s more comfortable for you. Therefore, if you’ve been sitting for a while, taking a quick walk can recenter your positioning and make it easier to maintain proper posture when you return to your desk.