Essential Summer Skincare Tools

Essential Summer Skincare Tools

To keep our skin clear and healthy, we must consider different seasons and the temperatures or conditions they bring. Now that we’re in July, you’ve likely spent a lot more time outside in the sun and heat, and both can take a toll on your skin’s well-being. Here are some essential summer skincare tools that will let you enjoy the summer weather without worry.

CBD Topicals

CBD has become a lot more common since the legalization of hemp back in 2018. If you notice yourself struggling with acne, CBD can help with your skincare routine. It interacts with your endocannabinoid system—which regulates your body’s processes—to reduce the amount of oil your skin produces that clogs your pores. This especially helps when you’re sweating a lot. Use a CBD topical so that you can concentrate the effects on problem spots and apply it directly to your skin.

Sulfonic Acid

When considering more practical essential summer skincare tools, the main ingredient to look for is sulfonic acid. Sulfonic acid benefits your skin and is perfect for summertime applications as it protects your skin from the sun. If you do end up sunburned, the sulfonic acid is still helpful since it breaks apart dead skin cells and prevents them from building up on the epidermis of your skin. One of the most common products you’ll find sulfonic acid in is over-the-counter sunscreen; so, you can find it easily.

Sleeping Cream

After a long day of sun exposure, chlorine from the pool, or dry heat, your skin is often stripped of moisture and left to dry out. To ensure your skin stays moisturized, utilize sleeping creams to restore your skin while you sleep. This topical is very heavy with moisture that will refresh your skin and prevent or reduce wrinkles that may have formed from sun exposure. Apply it before going to sleep, and you’ll wake up with healthy skin, ready to tackle a new day of sun and fun.