Essential Ways To Recover After a Knee Surgery

Essential Ways To Recover After a Knee Surgery

Knee surgery can be a challenging and painful experience to go through. These essential ways to recover after a knee surgery will help you get back up and moving in no time. Start your smooth recovery process today!

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Throughout your recovery process, it’s essential to listen to your doctor’s orders. You may start with orders to keep your knee straight or wear a knee brace, and it’s crucial to follow every instruction you get. Take your doctor’s word at face value and follow all the instructions for your recovery process.

Take Time To Rest

In the first few weeks after your knee surgery, you may have swelling and pain in your knee. It’s important to get exercise and walk as soon as possible, but take time to rest. No matter how excited you are to get going again, you’ll need to take frequent breaks and give yourself some time off your knee to recover. Be patient with the process and listen to your doctor’s advice.

Treat Your Pain

Some pain is common after knee surgery, but it’s vital to report and describe your pain to the health-care professionals helping you through your journey. You shouldn’t plan to tough it out if you feel pain. Get rest, don’t push yourself too hard, and report your pain to your medical team. If you experience pain, try icing and elevating your knee.

Keep Up With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the essential ways to recover after knee surgery. As you begin to recover from your knee surgery, you’ll likely see a physical therapist who gives you exercises to complete. Talk openly with your physical therapist about how everything feels and keep up with your therapist’s plan.

Get Some Exercise

As you continue to recover from your knee surgery, regular exercise will likely become a part of your physical therapy routine in this one-year recovery process. Light exercise, like riding an e-bike, can help during physical therapy. Ask your doctor which activities are best for you and your recovery journey, and start to get back in the swing of things today!