Georgia Team Hope Walk – Live! from Your Neighborhood

Sign up today and join us for the
GA Team Hope Walk! LIVE! from YOUR Neighborhood
October 4, 2020- 1:00 PM

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Registration is FREE! Suggested donation – $25 per participant!


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Join The Georgia Virtual Team Hope Walk

A virtual walk is a real walk, but on your terms: You get to choose your own course, you can walk in your driveway, neighborhood, in your house and even on treadmill! Sign up now and participate in the virtual walk by raising money and awareness. Your family, friends, colleagues and health care providers can join your Georgia Virtual Team Hope Walk on October 4, 2020.

Step 1. Register for the Georgia Team Hope Walk, IT’S FREE! Set your fundraising goal and begin making a difference in the lives of HD families. Recruit a team of friends, neighbors, and family to participate with you.

Step 2. Whether you walk around the block, the neighborhood or do a 1K run up & down your street when, where and how far you walk is up to you. We are walking together all over the state on Sunday October 4, 2020.

Step 3. Supporting HD families is an incredible reason to raise money. But we think you deserve something for your efforts. When you individually raise your first $100, you’ll receive a Team Hope Walk t-shirt that will be mailed to you. For this year just wear last year’s shirt or make your own. Keep raising funds to be eligible for even more great fundraising rewards.

Step 4. Share a photo of yourself and use #VirtualTeamHopeWalk to let us know where you are walking for HDSA. You can also tag us @HDSA on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And remember—a little thanks goes a long way. Be sure to tag supporters and thank those who have joined you to help you reach your goal.

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