Give Breakfast a Boost Before School

Fuel your kids’ day with wholesome on-the-go options

School is back in session, which means hectic mornings spent searching for missing shoes and backpacks, and jam-packed schedules with homework sessions and extracurricular activities. Morning meals at home or at school are imperative, and for busy parents, breakfast snacks on the go can be key when rushing out the door.

Incorporating an easy, delicious, wholesome breakfast snack option like new GoGo squeeZ SmoothieZ — available now on Target shelves — into kids’ routines helps keep them full while offering the nutrients kids need to jump-start their day. Each 4 oz portable pouch is gluten-free, pantry-friendly, a source of calcium, and has 4 g of protein in a yogurt, fruit and whole oat blend.

Registered Dietitian and founder of Real Mom Nutrition Sally Kuzemchak shares a few reasons why incorporating a morning snack can contribute to kids’ overall well-being throughout the day:

1. A nutritious breakfast offers energy for an active lifestyle

It’s important for kids to eat something wholesome each morning to fuel their day. Breakfast snacks that are rich in calcium and protein help them stay energized and full until lunchtime. Also, getting a boost of energy at breakfast makes it easier for kids to be active throughout their day, contributing to a more active lifestyle in the future.

2. Eating breakfast improves alertness, concentration and memory function

Just like the stomach, the brain needs nutritious foods to thrive. Skipping breakfast may affect your child’s focus or leave them feeling drowsy and irritable. A breakfast filled with whole grains, fiber and protein can help improve kids’ attention spans and enhance concentration and memory skills.

3. A daily breakfast routine sets healthy habits

Just like making their bed or brushing their teeth, nutritional habits should be taught early on. Making breakfast part of a kid’s daily routine offers the building blocks for a healthy and balanced lifestyle as they become older.

Start mornings off right by adding GoGo squeeZ SmoothieZ to your breakfast routine. Help your kids stay full and give them the boost of energy they’ll need to thrive this school year.

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