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Helping Others on the Road to Recovery

Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence is a sober living for men in Recovery. They are a place of healing, hope, and success that allows people to flourish in their recovery.
They provide structure and accountability to help those in early recovery. Clients go to five 12 Step Meetings a week, get drug tested 3 times a week, and also have to follow strict rules such curfew.
The program is considered small (18-bed) which allows them to focus on the clients.
If you are struggling with addiction or just need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact them at 678-668-3426. 
Here’s an article about Chris Zollman, executive director of Stepping Stones of Atlanta Recovery Residence:

After eight O.D.s and a prison scare, a Dunwoody resident helps others on the road to getting clean

Chris Zollman’s road to recovery started with a swift act of mercy, continued through a treatment program in Sandy Springs, and ended with him quitting drugs. Now the Dunwoody resident devotes his life to helping others walk down the same path — a path that for many is often muddied by shady operators, controversial treatments, and pricey therapies.

Six years ago, Zollman was consuming $100 worth of opioids a day and sold even more to support his habit. He’d survived eight overdoses — the last time, paramedics found him passed out behind the wheel of his car near Bobby Dodd Stadium. The streak would soon be broken: His drug charges carried a maximum sentence of 75 years in prison.

“I was either going to get clean or kill myself,” Zollman thought.

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