How To Beat Seasonal Weight Gain This Winter

How To Beat Seasonal Weight Gain This Winter

Some people love the winter; others loathe it. Whatever your attitude is, winter can pose various health and safety risks to stay mindful of. Still, the pretty sights, festivities, and family gatherings offer some benefits. Keep your fitness goals in mind this winter to avoid any unwanted weight gain. Here’s how to beat seasonal weight gain this winter, so you stay on track.

Stay Active

Perhaps the best way to avoid winter weight gain is to keep yourself active. There are many reasons you should stay active during the holidays. Mainly, it keeps you busy. Winter weather means horrendous driving conditions, uncomfortable temperatures, and risks from snow, ice, and sleet. Still, don’t let that stop you from staying fit. Fitness goals are a year-long adventure. Whether you want to build muscle and strength or tone down for the summer, winter is the best time to do so. This way, you avoid unwanted holiday weight gain. Since many people are sedentary in the winter, staying active keeps you ahead of your goals.

Watch the Calories

Keep in mind that the winter season is also a time of festivities. With countless holiday parties, dinners, and drinks, it’s all too common to relax your diet. However, don’t lose track of your goals. Stick to a clean diet throughout the week. Training is only half the battle for achieving your fitness goals. One’s diet is respective to these goals, so hold yourself accountable. If you’re bulking or want to increase strength, eat more. If you want to maintain your physique or lose stubborn body fat, eat less. Whichever your goal, stick to a diet of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to do so. Your portions and number of meals throughout the day may depend on your goals, but eating smaller, more frequent meals will help boost your metabolism and enrich your body with the desired nutrients.

It’s OK To Reward Yourself

Finally, when deciding how to beat seasonal weight gain this winter, remember that it’s OK to reward yourself. In fact, cheat meals may help you improve your fitness level. The issue with cheat meals is that people often forget that they’re rewards for a strict diet and training schedule. However, that doesn’t mean neglecting them. If you’re on a strict diet, adding in additional calories, sugars, carbs, and fats from holiday comfort foods can further boost your metabolism and set your mind at ease from pestering cravings. Don’t be afraid to enjoy that dessert, meal, or drink at your holiday party. Just remember to make this an infrequent treat, or you may sabotage your long-term goals.