How to Choose the Best Digital Health App for Your Needs

Working out at home, outdoors or on your own is now the norm(al).  And for many who are happy with their new routine or aren’t able or comfortable going to a gym, it probably will be for some time.  Apps play such an important role in helping the health-oriented find fun and effective solo routines.  So how do you find the right type of app to support your wellness goals when there are many to choose from? Start by identifying your personal goals and budget, and then narrow it down to the type of app that makes the most sense.  The most popular types are fitness and exercise, nutrition, mental wellness or all-inclusive.  Researching all the available apps can be exhausting, so here’s a quick guide to point you in the right direction.

Fitness & Exercise

These apps provide access to a variety of classes like exercise, yoga, strength, etc.  The most well-known offerings, Peloton and Mirror, require a hefty investment in equipment.  Others like Obe, ClassPass and NEOU offer virtual individual or group lessons, instructor interaction and feedback and are subscription-based – no expensive apparatus needed.  Brands like Fitbit, Nike and REI also offer apps that utilize their equipment and performance products.  Most fitness apps provide tracking, flexible schedules, diverse classes and a sense of community for self-starters.


These apps provide education, motivation and support for your weight loss goals through calorie tracking, food information, recipes and more for a monthly or annual fee.  WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and Noom provide food information and track your progress as well as help you understand behaviors and make better food choices.  MyFitnessPal takes a whole-body approach that matches your diet with your workouts and activity level.  

Mental Wellness

These apps provide stress reduction features that can improve your mental well-being through meditation, mindfulness techniques, mood tracking and music.  Headspace, Calm and Thrive are all subscription-based apps that encourage your self-care regime through meditations, stories, breathing exercises, affirmations and breathwork.  


These apps help you manage all aspects of your mental and physical wellbeing in one place. is an integrative health and fitness platform that focuses on all aspects of the mind and body by offering both online and offline experiences across fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being on a subscription basis.  This is an emerging class of apps that bring together all aspects of physical and mental wellness without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment or leave the house.

Face it, smartphone apps have become essential to having a healthy lifestyle.  There are hundreds of options and choosing the right one can make the difference in keeping you motivated to stay active and healthy.  To make the decision easier, establish your personal goals and then select the type of app that will help you achieve them.  Even if you are able to go to a gym, why bother when you have everything you need at your fingertips?   

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