How To Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

How To Prepare for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Weight loss surgery is an impactful life decision. You’re taking a big step towards a healthy lifestyle. However, this type of surgery takes careful planning and time for everything to go smoothly. If you’re in the process of planning a bariatric surgery, read up on how to prepare for gastric sleeve surgery for things to consider.

Schedule Surgery Date

The first step towards gastric sleeve surgery is scheduling a procedure date. After consultations, your surgeon will determine the estimated surgery day. Typically, you will schedule the procedure six months after your last consolation and under the approval of your health care professional. However, every candidate for weight loss surgery is different. Although six months is the average wait time, health-related factors may delay your surgery date.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Leading into your surgery date, you will need to make some lifestyle changes. Your doctor and nutritionist will create a specific meal plan that you must follow. This meal plan will restrict carbohydrates but encourage high protein and vegetable intake. In addition to diet, you can begin a workout routine and cut out harmful activities, like smoking. It’s essential to understand that weight loss surgery is a major step toward a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, making lifestyle changes will help you post-operation.

Attend Support Groups

Weight loss surgery is a significant life decision, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Before your surgery date, attend surgery support groups. You can talk to people about your feelings and hear from others who received bariatric surgeries. These groups will create a great network of people you can communicate with and start a bond. Leaning on your support systems is one of the several ways to prepare for bariatric surgery mentally. They will help you through this impactful time in your life.

Make Post-Operation Plans

After gastric sleeve surgery, your body may be sore, and you will need time to recover. Therefore, it’s critical to make post-operation plans. You make these plans at least one month before your surgery date. If you’re wondering what your plans should include, look at this post-operation plan checklist:

  • Arrange for post-operation transportation.
  • Organize child or pet care.
  • Schedule time off from work for recovery.
  • Prepare post-operation meals.
  • Make your home comfortable for post-operation rest.

Weight loss surgery is a major leap toward a new lifestyle. Therefore, it takes careful planning for successful results. If you’re preparing for surgery, refer to our guide on how to prepare for gastric sleeve surgery for help.

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  1. Thank you for explaining that a gastric sleeve procedure is typically scheduled six months after your last consolation and under the approval of your health care professional. My friend is considering the surgery, but she has no idea how long is the entire process gonna take from preparation to healing. I should share this post with her so she can get an idea, much better if she can look for an accredited center to guide her about the procedure.

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