Is Your Brain Draining Your Workouts: Here’s Why Mind Over Matter, Really Matters While Training In The Gym

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One of the most challenging things I’ve had to do is finish my workout. Yes, I know how that sounds. Out of all the things in my life, working out is the hardest. Yes, I’ve tried combating burnout with pre-workout drinks, protein supplements, and caffeine. I thought that extra boost would give me the energy I needed to get through the workout. But no amount of pre-workout could stop the slew of thoughts running through my brain:

“This hurts. I don’t want to do this anymore.” 

“I am in control of my body, why don’t I just stop now?”

“I already did 20 minutes, what’s an extra 5?”

“I have so much to do later, I am wasting my energy on this now.” 

The truth is, no matter how far along you are on your fitness journey, these thoughts may still plague you. Many fitness gurus utilize pre-workouts and energy drinks when in reality, the muscle that needs the most training: is their brain. 

When you start practicing mental toughness and training your brain, workouts stop becoming difficult – and so does everything else. You can improve your motivation, clarity, and focus by training your brain. 

Countless people are burdened by fatigue each day, halting them from living the life they desire. Between poor nutrition, lack of routine, overcommitting oneself, and a general sense of burnout, getting a workout after an already jam-packed day seems virtually impossible. Not only then do our bodies become fatigued, but our brains also. 

By engaging our brains and increasing our mental toughness, our workouts hit a new level of satisfaction. Without your brain saying, “what if I quit” every 30 seconds, workouts become more engaging as your brain focuses on bettering yourself through movement, strengthening your body and brain. 

As for when your brain needs that extra boost, nutrition experts have covered that. Synthetic supplements and pharmaceuticals can end up causing more harm than good as they put a toxic load on the body. However, nutrition experts have overcome that by creating natural supplements. Supplements that are made with whole food natural ingredients, help increase cognitive function and focus naturally, allowing your brain to energize you throughout the day naturally. 

This is exactly what Entrepreneuro, a brain support supplement from Hero X Health helps with. Entrepreneuro’s star ingredient Memophenol harnesses the brain benefits from wild blueberries and french grapes to aid in focus, memory, and drive. 

Now, with the new year around the corner, what changes need to be made to strengthen your brain and increase the engagement of your workouts? 

Here are five tips to take your workouts to the next level in 2023:

Plan ahead 

One of the worst parts about going to the gym is aimlessly wandering around the equipment, trying to figure out what to do and how the machines work. When you have a free minute, plan out a couple of workouts for the gym. Going in with a plan gives you a new sense of motivation in knowing what you’ll do when you get to the gym. You can also cut down time in trying to figure out what to do when you get there!

Work it into your schedule 

Another component that gets in the way of working out is time. When you are already running on a tight schedule, finding time to workout seems impossible and, more than anything, mentally draining. This new year, I challenge you to build a workout in your schedule as a fundamental part of the day. It can be as simple as blocking off 30 minutes to walk around at the park or do a workout video. Or, for you gym-goers, pack a gym bag with you on the way to work and head on over when you have a moment. 

Try new things

A lot of pushback in working out also comes from the workout itself. When you aren’t doing workouts that are fulfilling for you, your brain and body feel unsatisfied. Don’t be afraid to try new types of workouts. Not all of them will be a smash hit, but you might find some fulfilling. 

Misery loves company

Another thing I’ve found successful is working out with a friend. This is a great way to engage your body and your brain. By working out with a friend, you can catch up and engage your brain socially and have a motivator with you. In a setting like a gym, we tend to be more motivated when we have eyes on us. 

Try a supplement! 

Sometimes, we all need an extra boost. Don’t be afraid to try a natural supplement from a company you trust to get you through your day.

So, it’s time to make a New Year’s Resolution. Don’t neglect the strongest muscle in your body, and help your brain stay in tip-top shape (even if that requires a supplement).

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Frank D'Agostino
Frank D’Agostino, CEO of Entrepreneuro Nootropic Brain Health Supplement, a brand that uses an all-natural approach with ingredients that are supported by scientific studies. Its main ingredient Memophenol – comes from grapes – and it helps enhance focus, increase blood flow to the brain and strengthens the memory system and improves the brain’s ability to store and process information. Unlike other brain supplements, Entrepreneuro does not contain synthetic stimulants - only clean, natural energy from superfood sources like Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea, Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Broccoli, and Kale. This proprietary S7 blend also helps the blood vessels relax to promote ultimate brain function.