3 Isometric Exercises for Seniors

Older adults shouldn’t think of exercise as risky. On the contrary, regular exercise is the key to preserving your health. The trick is finding low-impact workouts that keep you strong–without triggering previous injuries or causing more.

Keeping up with your workouts won’t just improve your strength, balance, and confidence, it’ll also lower your blood pressure, manage high cholesterol, decrease symptoms of chronic conditions, and even reduce the risk of hip fractures.

That’s why during National Senior Health and Fitness Month, Activ5 has been featuring exercises from its newest collection of isometrics for seniors. These exercises are based on its Fancy Footwork routine on the Activ5 Training App, and they’re designed to protect critical areas like the lower back and joints.

Try them out for some amazing, feel-good fitness.

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Trunk Rotation

Improve your posture and protect your spinal column with this nice, stretching trunk rotation.

  • With your right palm, hold the Activ5 against the front of your left shoulder
  • Keep your left arm relaxed by your side
  • Keeping your back straight and both hips square, slightly rotate your torso to the right
  • At the same time, press the Activ5
  • Repeat on the opposite side
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Lat Pull

Overhead lat exercises can add unnecessary strain on your neck, so opt for this lat pull that can be done from a sitting position.

  • From a sitting position, place the Activ5 in your right palm and straighten your right arm downwards by your side
  • Place the Activ5, with your palm, against a flat surface behind you
  • Press the Activ5 by squeezing your lat and tricep muscles
  • Repeat for the other side 
Screen Shot 2019 08 19 at 7.54.56 AM

Standing Zen Chest Press

Need a chest press that creates a more stable upper torso and stretches your upper-body muscles? This standing Zen Chest Press is a softer take on this intense exercise.

  • Hold the Activ5 between both hands in a prayer position
  • Stick your elbows out
  • Make sure your palms are just about eye level
  • Press the Activ5 with both palms by squeezing your chest muscles
  • Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground