Lost Your Reading Glasses Again?!

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It Might be Time to Consider Another Option

Do your eyes have difficulty focusing on things up close? Are drugstore reading glasses scattered throughout the house? Are you constantly stretching your arms out to read the fine print on vitamin bottles or your smartphone? If so, you may be among the millions of Americans living with presbyopia.

You’re probably thinking: presby-what? Presbyopia is the eye’s inability to focus on things up close.  It’s a natural part of aging that’s common in people age 40 and older and is estimated to affect nearly 123 million Americans by 2020.1,2

When presbyopia symptoms begin, people may resort to “accommodating behaviors” such as increasing the font size on their phones, extending their arm as far as it can go and seeking out brighter lighting when trying to see things up close.

But none of these options is ideal, especially reading glasses, according to a recent survey of people with presbyopia. Around two-thirds (67 percent) said taking their readers on and off throughout the day is inconvenient and that they would like to stop adjusting their lives around their vision as it relates to their reading glasses.

To stop adjusting their lifestyle to accommodate vision problems, it’s best for patients to visit an eyecare professional to find the right solution. Some people in this situation visit me looking for an alternative way to correct their presbyopia, primarily through contact lenses. Multifocal contact lenses are an important option to consider because they offer flexibility for active lifestyles and free people from dealing with the hassle of frequently losing, breaking and rebuying reading glasses.

In fact, survey data showed that people with presbyopia would prefer to wear multifocal contact lenses while driving (66 percent), during social events and date night (68 percent).3 My patients are often relieved to learn about DAILIES TOTAL1® Multifocal contact lenses, which provide clear and comfortable vision near, far and in between,.

So, if you are fed up with losing your reading glasses or want freedom from them, visit SeeNearAndFar.com to find a doctor near you and to learn more about the convenience and other benefits of multifocal contact lenses.

*Dr. Susan Resnick, Optometrist and Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry, is a paid consultant for Alcon.


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