Make The Most of Your Summer: Morning Routine Edition

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Getting a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning sounds amazing for the average person. However, the most successful people use those few extra minutes to get ahead of their peers.

According to Naam Yoga Therapists, “adding a few things to your morning to-do list can change your day, week and in the end, your life.” See their tips below to make the most of your morning.

  1. Stretch: Even if only for 30-second holds, loosening up your muscles and opening your heart sets the stage for the rest of the day.

  2. Perform Shakti Naam Healing Pendulum Exercise:  The Shakti Naam Healing Pendulum Exercise bestows lifelong health benefits and is for everyone who desires a high quality of life. When practiced on a daily basis, this simple yet extraordinary practice ensures an enhanced state of health in every realm of the body, mind and spirit. The special movement of the arms used during the exercise is an expression of the great power that moves people onwards on the path of Life. It represents the awakening of the longing in the human soul for the Supreme. Raising the arms up from below symbolizes moving from the material world to the Divine World.

  3. Give Thanks: This doesn’t need to be long, but giving thanks has many positive benefits. Not only does it start your day with positivity, it opens you up to healthy, positive energy in the world.

“By taking just a couple minutes out of your morning and dedicating them to yourself, you will experience a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle,” Naam Yoga Therapists explained. “After doing it for a few weeks, you will actually start looking forward to mornings!” Well, if that is the case, sign us up now for this morning routine!

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