Personality Profile: Janet Swahn

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In this month’s Personality Profile, we are featuring Janet Swahn.

Born in New Orleans, known for ART, Janet’s talent emerged early as her father, Bob a renowned commercial graphic artist, was continually teaching her to see the flow, color, space, and design in nature and everything around her.

Janet became a fine art consultant in 1990 with her husband, Rick. Together they owned galleries in California, Florida, North Carolina, Chicago, and Georgia, giving Janet valuable contributions & motivation to paint, explore and grow.

Janet’s diverse style has developed naturally over the decades, with collectors in 30+ US states and 18 different countries (and counting). Her compositions are highly energetic, flowing, textured, colorful, and artistically creative. There is a strong influence of Picasso and Modigliani evident in all of her work.

She creates with acrylic, oil, mediums, and aluminum on linen canvas and board. Her work is truly mixed media, post-modern abstract expressionism, and her style is characterized by thick paint, large strokes, and expressive, colorful compositions. She is autodidact in every respect of life and believes that, with self-confidence, willpower, and simple hard work, anything is possible.

Painting from her Studio in Eatonton, Georgia, she is happiest creating beautiful art for her clients. Swahn Art & Framing in Harmony Crossing is a gallery showroom where clients can enjoy and collect her work and design frames to complement it!

Janet was gracious enough to respond to a few questions we had for her this week!

Can you please tell our readers what you do for a living?

I am a professional Art Dealer and Artist, aka: Gallerist since 1990

How long have you lived in the Lake Country region?

Moved to Lake Oconee in 2018

Where are you originally from?

New Orleans

What do you enjoy most about living here?

I was raised north of Atlanta and have always loved the 4 seasons. Being on Lake Oconee makes it extra special, watching sunrises and sunsets, the leaves dropping, and the arrival of the color of spring. I especially enjoy the variety of wildlife. I paint abstract lake scenes and herons so it’s perfect!

Where is your favorite place to eat in the region?

We call it “Swahn Lake View Cafe”, which is home cooked with a perfect window view of Lake Oconee.


Who are some of your inspirations in life?

My Mother, who was my biggest cheerleader in life always encouraged me to go for it! My Dad, who inspired me to create and remain outside of the box in creating and thinking. And my husband, Rick who is my partner in life and who brought me into the art gallery business in California in 1990.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, Painting is #1, of course! I enjoy photography, partying in slow motion on our tritoon, cooking, and helping clients choose perfect paintings for their homes and offices. I am also a firearms enthusiast and a former NRA pistol instructor.

What does a healthy day look like for you?

After a 9-10 hour snooze, I open my eyes giving thanks to God for His goodness, mercy, and grace. I start every day relaxed with nothing pressing on my calendar and NEVER needing an alarm clock to awaken. I work out 3-4 days a week for 30 min. Breakfast is a healthy protein-packed meal so I can start the day strong!  I am at my gallery, Swahn Art & Framing, 12-3 (Tues, Fri-Sat) and in the studio creating (Mon, Wed-Thurs). I wind down at about 4 pm, relax, and enjoy the lake view. Dinner is also a healthy choice, then finishing the day with a good action-packed comedy film before another 9-10 hours of sleep 🙂


Anything else you’d like the readers to know about yourself or living in the Lake Country region? 

I’ve been fortunate to live in New Orleans, Atlanta, Virginia, DC, Nevada, California, Florida, and South Carolina. I have lived in 7 different countries, and on 3 continents – and Lake Oconee is the most peaceful, relaxing place of all. With a diverse pool of neighbors from everywhere, all of who are equally as thrilled to be here and enjoy this marvelous lifestyle, we literally have it all! I am blessed that we found Lake Oconee, and absolutely plan on being here for many many, many years! 

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