Personality Profile: Kim Logan

In this week’s Personality Profile, we are featuring Kim and Lin Logan who own Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate.

Kim and Lin have been the leading husband and wife team at the lake for over 15 years in a row, and remain one of the top three teams in the Southeast and in the State of Georgia. Lin’s experience as a Delta Airlines pilot and Kim’s as a Delta flight attendant impressed upon them the importance of exceptional customer service. The duo took advantage of their love of and talent for investing in realty, and created a system of success in the Lake Oconee real estate market.  

Their outstanding reputation and love for the industry have made their names synonymous with Lake Oconee real estate. Together with their hand-picked team of agents, the Kim and Lin Logan Real Estate Team make sure your most important investment is a good one, and that any property you list with them yields the highest return possible.

Kim was gracious enough to respond to our questions below!

Can you please tell our readers what you do for a living? 

Kim: I am the broker for the company. Lin Logan also has his appraisal license.

How long have you lived in the Lake Country region? 

Kim: I have lived at Lake Oconee for 25 years.

Where are you originally from? 

Kim: I was born and bred in Georgia. I went to the University of Georgia and have an English bulldog, which is why we have the black and red logo with a bulldog in the house. It made sense to put our name in the logo because we know so many people and have been in Real Estate for 20 years.

What do you enjoy most about living here? 

Kim: I love the community and the people within our community. Lin and I both love all the outdoors activities Lake Oconee has to offer. 

Where is your favorite place to eat in the region?

Kim: My favorite place to eat is the Creek Club and Richland Creek and actually cook pretty dang cook so Kim Logans House.

Do you have any hobbies?

Kim: Tennis, golf, fitness classes, and riding horses. I also enjoy boating, fishing, and sometimes just watching the beautiful sunset from our lake house. 

Who are some of your inspirations in life?

Kim: Who inspires me? My agents whom I work with every day. I enjoy watching them thrive in the ever-changing industry and against very competitive agents.   

Anything else you’d like the readers to know about yourself or living in the Lake Country region?

 Kim: We live on the water in Reynolds Landing and have 10 acres in Waters Edge and that’s where my horses live.  I will say it is easy to sell property at a place you live and love. Living the lifestyle we love to live!

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