Personality Profile Q&A: Meredith McCommons Ethridge

In this week’s Personality Profile, we are featuring Meredith Ethridge owner of J H McCommons Co.  

JH McCommons Co offers a wide variety of Home Decor, Gifts, traditional and those hard to find items, for just about anyone. From Handbags to Home Decor, Jewelry to Georgia Pride apparel, they sell specialty items you won’t find anywhere else. Their passion is creating beautiful, cozy spaces for friends and families and they curate the merchandise to reflect this.

They have an extremely easy way for you to shop. Come by the store or purchase directly through their Facebook page or website.

Meredith was gracious enough to respond to our Q&A below:

LOH: Can you please tell our readers what you do for a living?
Meredith: Home Décor/Accessories and Gift Shop owner

LOH: How long have you lived in the Lake Country region? Where are you originally from?
Meredith: I was born and raised in Greensboro, GA and moved back here from Gray, GA in 2017.

LOH: What do you enjoy most about living here?
Meredith: I love the small-town southern charm and the fact that we don’t have to leave to go on vacation if we don’t want to, because we have all the enjoyments of the lake. I also love that the lake has brought people here from all over. I have friends not only from different cities around Georgia, but also different states and countries.

LOH: Where is your favorite place to eat in the region?
Meredith: I love all the restaurants in our area and can’t just chose one.

LOH: Who are some of your inspirations in life?
Meredith: I have been fortunate to have a loving family that has shown me from personal experience how to persevere and keep moving forward. They inspire me everyday and have been great examples of hard work and perseverance.

LOH: Do you have any hobbies? 
Meredith: I love to run, but I spend my mornings doing a strength and conditioning program. I love the new challenges it offers on a daily basis and even helped me physically and mentally reach my goal of running my first 10k.

LOH: What does a healthy day look like for you? 
Meredith: After I get my children to school I go straight to the gym for an hour and then head straight to work. I do my best to eat a healthy and drink lots of water. I am constantly reading new books to help with spiritual, mental and business growth.

LOH: Anything else you’d like the readers to know about yourself or living in the Lake Country region?
Meredith: I just hope that whoever reads this sees what an amazing community we live in and all the opportunities available here.

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