Reasons Nighttime Bracing Is Effective for Scoliosis

Reasons Nighttime Bracing Is Effective for Scoliosis

Finding out your child has scoliosis may not be what you wanted, but beginning treatment as soon as possible is the best thing you can do to support your kid. Your doctor may recommend bracing to prevent the progression of their spine’s curve as well as the possible need for surgery. Consistent pressure on the spine without any interference is one of the main reasons nighttime bracing is effective for scoliosis.

The more aggressively you treat scoliosis, the better chance you have at straightening the spine. Children with scoliosis grow up to lead regular lives if they get the right support and treatment. Find out why nighttime bracing might be the perfect solution.

What Is a Scoliosis Brace?

A scoliosis brace for children is a medical device worn beneath clothing. It’s designed to prevent the progression of the curvature of the spine and possibly to prevent surgery. A doctor will decide if a brace is the right decision for your child.

Many different types of braces exist. Some are more flexible than others. When it comes to night braces, the Charleston Bending Brace is a custom device that’s typically recommended because it’s an aggressive treatment that flexes the spine in the opposite direction of the curve.

Why Nighttime Bracing Is Effective

The Majority of Bone Growth Occurs at Night

Most patients with scoliosis use night braces because the body releases more of the human growth hormone while we sleep. Scoliosis can develop quickly in children, whose bodies are still growing, so it’s important to control the growth of a curved spine. Bracing at night prevents further curvature of the spine when it’s most likely to progress.

Less Interference from Gravity

Gravity is known to have poor side effects on patients with scoliosis. Furthermore, gravity may also affect the way you use a brace. Lying down removes the barrier of gravity so that a brace can properly apply corrective pressure. Wearing a brace at night is also more comfortable for some individuals since bracing may be restrictive.

Nighttime vs. Daytime Bracing

The difference between a day brace and a nighttime brace is that one wears a day brace while sitting and standing, and one wears a nighttime brace while lying down. Typically, day braces are more flexible and nighttime braces are very rigid. Some patients use both types of braces to straighten their spines.

How Night Bracing Works

Like any type of scoliosis bracing treatment, the goal of nighttime bracing is to apply pressure to three main areas to straighten the curve of the spine. The brace presses on the convex parts of the spine while allowing space for areas that need to grow or correct.

Many children with scoliosis lead happy, healthy lives. It’s essential to begin treatment for your child’s condition as soon as possible for the best outcome. Kids grow quickly, so don’t waste time if you notice an abnormality in your child’s spine. You may even avoid surgery if you intervene in time. Furthermore, since bones grow most at night, you may find many reasons to brace at night for scoliosis.