Reasons You May Be Sore After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Reasons You May Be Sore After a Chiropractic Adjustment

No one anticipates pain after a chiropractor visit, but some factors contribute to discomfort. Read these reasons why you may be sore after a chiropractic adjustment.

Is It Normal To Feel Sore After a Visit?

Ideally, chiropractors relieve joint and muscle pain. After all, that’s why people seek adjustments and manipulations. In the perfect scenario, you will leave the chiropractic session feeling better than ever! Depending on your care plan, though, it’s normal to feel sore after a visit. Discomfort and pain are temporary after appointments, so don’t worry about persistent aches.

You Didn’t Drink Enough Water

One thing you should do after a spinal adjustment is drink water. In fact, drinking water after all chiropractic sessions is a good idea. During sessions, the massages and manipulations release toxins in your body. And to release these toxins, you must drink water to flush them out. Without hydration, you keep these toxins, and the pain can return. Lubricate your joints and hydrate your body with water before and after sessions.

Using Under-Stimulated Muscles

You may be sore after a chiropractic adjustment because under-stimulated muscles are now “awakened.” Similar to trying a new workout, you’ll feel sore after using muscles you normally don’t use. It’s common to feel sore after new activities, including a chiropractic adjustment, and professionals stimulate inactive muscles to restore balance in your body. After a few chiropractic sessions, you’ll no longer feel sore.

Body Adjusting to Alignment

Naturally, your body wants alignment. If you have misaligned joints and body pains, reaching alignment requires a chiropractor to massage and stretch your body. After dealing with pain or misalignment for a long time, it feels different to experience the right position. Your body must adjust to the new feeling, and you can experience soreness. Fortunately, the discomfort is temporary! If you feel extreme pain, contact your chiropractor or seek medical attention.

Ways To Improve Your Body

To minimize pain, follow some aftercare recommendations. Along with drinking water, frequently stretch your body and do moderate activities. Walking and jogging increase blood flow and prevent stiff joints. After your session, getting a good night’s sleep is also important because it helps your body restore itself.