Skin Care Routine Advice For People Living With Eczema

If you want to get control of the inflammation that accompanies atopic dermatitis, then you’re going to need a very specific skin care routine that takes your needs into consideration. Particularly when talking about the thinner, more sensitive skin of the face, there are certain parts that are more prone to rashes and inflammation, so it’s important to know where to concentrate your efforts.

Reading this article, you’re likely to already have your own way of doing things, so you’ll understand that certain things can cause flare-ups. However, this trial and error process can take a little time. 

The fact is that the correct routine can help properly support eczema-prone skin, whereas the incorrect one can make things much, much worse.

A Skin Care Routine That Controls the Itch!

When anyone is trying to treat eczema, one of the most important issues to deal with first is that troublesome itch that can lead you to make the problem worse. What this scratching does is not just cause inflammation, but also stimulate the skin’s nerve endings. 

The itch itself can be a constant niggle that encourages you to damage your own skin and it can be a big challenge to overcome. Then there’s the issue of rashes becoming infected, as your scratching can allow bacteria like staph to get in and really complicate matters.

For this reason, your skin care routine should include some kind of anti-itch product that actively numbs the pain and lets you get on with your day. 

Establishing Your Own Routine

The reason why facial eczema is common on the face for both children and adults is that the skin is thinner there than anywhere else. This makes it more sensitive and when you use inappropriate skin care products, that’s when the problems start.

Let’s now look at what your typical day should look like.

First thing in the morning…

The first part of your daily skin care routine should be a gentle cleanser, especially if you have oily skin. However, if your skin is normal or dry, you can perhaps simply splash some water on your face. 

After this, use the products you have for your eczema, which likely include some kind of topical relief cream and a good quality moisturizer.

Once you’ve done this, make sure you apply some type of sensitive-skin sunscreen, as UV exposure can end up undoing all of your hard work.

Later in the day…

Again, repeat the use of cleanser or water on your face and if you are someone who wears makeup, try an oil-based makeup remover to avoid irritation.

After applying your chosen eczema-relief product, you should make sure to follow it up with the use of moisturizer and do it straight away, as it’s vital for locking in hydration. If you happen to wait too long before applying moisturizer, it can make your skin drier – which comes with its own issues.

Keep Your Humidifier Going at Night…

If you want to complement the effect of your skin care routine, a good way of doing so is by investing in a humidifier and keeping it in your bedroom. This can help your skin while you sleep by preventing it from becoming dried out by the air. 

Everyone Can Have Great-Looking Skin!

When you pay sufficient attention to your eczema, wherever it may crop up, you give yourself the best possible chance of getting on top of it. It’s very much a case of getting out what you put in, so it really is worth the effort.

You’ll have to adjust your routine as you age, as your skin ages too, so if you’re ever unsure about how to proceed, have a chat with your dermatologist who will steer you right and also introduce you to new products as they appear on the market. 

When you have the right cleanser, moisturizer and daily routine, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy great-looking, healthy skin like everyone else!

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