The Benefits of Running During the Cold Season

The Benefits of Running During the Cold Season

As the weather grows colder and the winter months approach, we begin to go outside less and interact with the world. The regular physical activities we would perform while the outside transition to being inside workouts, either at a gym or in our home gyms. But there are still ways to get a good workout even in cold weather, and running outside during the cold months will greatly benefit your health.

Improved Metabolism

As we run, our metabolism kicks in and begins to burn fat and calories within our bodies to keep our bodies from exhausting. During the winter, our bodies store more fat to preserve heat and protect us from the cold. Running in cold weather will help deter fat buildup and help us build muscle instead. The extra effort to stay warm and keep moving is why calories are an important part of running in the cold. The type of tissue in our body called brown fat, which absorbs calories, is normally active while we run or perform the exercise; running in the cold will cause this fat to burn along with regular fat, or white fat.

Better Mental Health

During the winter, many people experience a decline in their good mood and become susceptible to depression. The poor mood will cause people to stay inside and become less active, worsening their symptoms. Running during winter is a good way to counteract these feelings and help you become more energized. Exercise is a common method in helping depressive states and increasing the production of serotonin in the body. Running will stop the cold weather from sapping the joy from your system and help you feel better and stronger throughout the cold months.

Prevents Apathy During the Winter

Some people enjoy the cold months because of the chance to relax and curl up underneath the blankets. But running is a great way to exercise without going to the gym for those who want to fight against the apathetic urge without traveling far. Running is a great use of time compared to taking a nap just because the bed feels comfortable. It’s important to stay consistently active to improve physical and mental stamina, as these will improve your quality of life.

A Great Way To Wake Up in the Morning

Waking up in the morning can be a struggle if the temperature outside is chilly and you have a warm bed. But with a nice run in the cold, you’ll have a wake-up that’s more beneficial than any coffee you could drink. The brisk cold will shock you when you step outside, and the constant running movement will get your heart pumping. The increased blood flow will help you feel awake, and you’ll be prepared for the day ahead after a warm-up in the cold.

The winter months are difficult times for physical activity. Running will help you feel better and benefit your health and well-being, all while fighting the biting cold as you wait for spring.