The Best Drink Substitutes for Quitting Soda

The Best Drink Substitutes for Quitting Soda

When you need a drink to quench your thirst and refresh your body, sometimes water can be disappointing. Although water is a healthy drinking option, the allure of soda, with its rich and intense flavors, can persuade you to make the less healthy choice. If you want to cut soda from your diet once and for all but don’t want to stick to standard water, try some ofthese best drink substitutes for quitting soda.


Do you drink soda for its intense flavor? If so, kombucha could be an ideal substitute to curve your soda cravings. Kombucha contains basic ingredients such as yeast, sugar, and black tea. This mixture is fermented to produce healthy acids and bacteria. The fermented ingredients give kombucha its recognizable sweet-and-sour taste.

This drink will be not only flavorful enough to satisfy your taste buds but also beneficial for your immune system and digestive health. The antioxidants in this fermented tea naturally boost your immune system to protect you against intruder bacteria.

The fermentation process also creates probiotics, which regulate your digestive system. If you want to quit soda and make healthier lifestyle choices, kombucha is a great substitute to start this process.

Coconut Water

If you want a simple and satisfying drink to help you avoid soda, coconut water is another excellent alternative. Coconut water contains high levels of potassium carbohydrates, which makes it a highly beneficial health beverage.

Many studies have also examined how coconut water may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and kidney stones. These studies are still ongoing, but coconut water’s taste and immediate hydration guarantee that it’s a healthy alternative to regular soda.

Sparkling Water

Many people drink soda for its carbonation rather than for its flavor. If this describes your preferences, sparkling water may be an easy and convenient soda substitute. Sparkling water makes beverages more flavorful by combining the simplified health of water with the texture of flavors of classic soda. It also features natural juices, which give regular water a more delicious taste. This flavored water is then carbonated with yeast to produce a similar carbonation texture to other soda beverages. Sparkling water includes less sugar than soda but produces the same refreshing bubbles to quench your taste buds.

The best drink substitutes for quitting soda will distract you from your cravings while satisfying your thirst. The next time you experience a craving for soda, reach for one of these substitutes instead.