The Different Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The Different Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

If you’ve ever owned or thought about purchasing a motorcycle, you’re probably well-aware of the physical risks they pose. Not only do these machines have more sensitive turning capabilities than cars, but they also provide less protection should you get into an accident. Because of this, motorcycle crashes, and the resulting injuries, are some of the most severe a driver can experience. These are a few of the different types of motorcycle accident injuries and how to prevent them.

Head and Neck Trauma

During car accidents, our seat belts prevent our bodies from suddenly lurching forward. In doing so, they reduce our overall risk of sustaining head or neck injuries. However, no such safety device exists on a motorcycle, and the results are significant forms of trauma. Motorcycle crashes can cause serious head impacts that damage the brain and strain the neck. This is why you must wear a helmet whenever you’re on your bike.

Broken Bones

Motorcycle accidents can also cause broken bones. Depending on how you land, your body may not have the means to cushion your fall. This can lead to a plethora of cracks or fractures along the arms, legs, and even the spine. While these injuries are unavoidable in many cases, you can reduce your risk by wearing clothing with thick padding when you head out for a drive.

Road Rash

Another common type of motorcycle accident injury to be aware of is road rash. Most often sustained after falling off of your bike, these wounds are incredibly painful and can afflict large sections of exposed flesh. Keeping yourself covered can help prevent this because you have a barrier between the road and your skin.

Internal Bleeding

Some motorcycle crashes can cause injuries that aren’t immediately noticeable on the surface. Internal bleeding can occur whenever the body suffers a forceful impact on certain areas. This could come from an instance where you hit your handlebars or fall on the pavement. Though you won’t be able to tell right away that you’re injured, the damage can be devastating. So, always visit a doctor as soon as possible following an incident.

As you can see, there’s a lot of potential harm that can come from getting in a motorcycle accident. Thus, always do what you can to maximize your safety while operating one of these machines. This includes driving defensively and wearing proper riding gear. But, if you do happen to sustain a motorcycle-related injury, you should know how to fund your treatment. Hiring a motorcycle injury attorney and filing a suit will be incredibly valuable to obtaining the settlement you need to heal.