The Most Effective Way to Choose a Fitness Routine as Explained

Sticking with a new fitness routine is a challenge for most people, and no one understands this better than a fitness expert like Jim Ronald Mills. Some quit before they reach their goals because they have trouble making time to work out, while others cite the difficulty of sticking to a routine or regrouping after setbacks. However, choosing the right routine in the first place can make all the difference, according to Mills.

Identifying Goals

Correctly identifying personal goals is an important part of settling on the right fitness routine. For instance, a routine that’s right for someone looking to lose weight or reduce their body fat percentage won’t work for someone who wants to build muscle and strength. According to Mills, all people should make sticking with their new routine over the long haul one of their goals. Regular exercise and healthful, balanced eating are key when it comes to maintaining optimal health and high quality of life.

Enjoying Exercise

“Find an exercise activity you enjoy,” advises Mills on the topic of selecting the best routine. “Make it fun so you don’t dread doing it.” Exercise may be necessary, but experts like Mills insist it doesn’t need to be seen as a chore or a punishment to work for an individual. The more a person enjoys their fitness routine, the easier it will be to reach their goals in the short term and stick with exercise as part of their new lifestyle over the long haul.

Being Realistic

Approximately 92 percent of people who fail to meet the goals they set for themselves wind up falling short because they weren’t realistic or sustainable. Many people start by doing too much too soon in hopes of reaching their goals sooner rather than later and wind up either injuring themselves or burning themselves out. “The only true road to fitness is the slow road,” says Jim Ronald Mills. The correct routine for a person fits comfortably into their lifestyle and is a sustainable part of their ongoing routine on an indefinite basis.

Jim Ronald Mills is a professional trainer and avid outdoor enthusiast based in South Carolina. He’s recently released his strategies for losing weight and turning exercise into a habit in the hopes of helping people finally succeed in meeting their long-term fitness goals.

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