The Plaza Fundraises for 15th Anniversary Sign Up for the 15 for 15 Campaign Online Today

Thousands have visited, lots of art has been created and countless memories have been made. Since 2008 when The Plaza opened to the public, the jewel of Lake Country has truly gotten brighter and brighter.

2023 marks The Plaza Arts Center’s 15th year. 15 years may not seem like a long time to some, but The Plaza starting out as nothing but a concept — a thought, a dream — has now created a place of community, creativity and history for the Lake Country.

Entering into this landmark year, The Plaza has a variety of events and performances for the Lake Country. Each month of 2023, there is something happening — a bigger than better year than ever before. As always, youth education is at the forefront of the mission. To achieve bringing arts education to area youth, we are asking for your help.

The community came together when the dream of The Plaza was brought about, we need you again.

The Plaza is asking the community to be a part of our 15 for 15 campaign. For just $15 a month for 15 months, you can make a huge impact on what The Plaza does. $15 is snacks for our After School Arts Program. $15 is a prop for a play. $15 is crayons for a group of school kids coming to create. $15 allows for a kid to come see a performance during a field trip. $15 adds up. And when an entire community can come together? It adds up to even more.

Just like the community did to get The Plaza started, The Plaza is asking you to band together to make a dent in the 2023 fundraising year for The Plaza.

In order to sign up for the 15 for 15 campaign, visit and go to the donations page. Enter $15 for the amount and sign up for a ‘recurring monthly donation.’ This will have your $15 charge be for 15 months. If you do not want your card charged each month, you can enter a lump sum simply by entering $225 for your donation amount and choosing the 15 for 15 campaign.

For more information on The Plaza or the 15 for 15 campaign, please visit Plaza Arts Center on Facebook or call 706-540-8656.

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