Time Management Is Crucial For A Healthy Successful Life

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John 003 copyOver the years I have come to realize that certain factors are critical for success. And one of them is how well you manage time. To be successful, you need to achieve certain things and find balance in how much time you spend on each choice. Priorities are important here. Your calendar will tell you what they are.

So, let’s look at priorities. Which ones deserve time on your calendar? Here are five of them.

  1. YOURSELF: It all begins with you. You cannot give what you do not have. What are you doing to be your best self? Or is that not on top of your priority list? Body, mind, and spirit optimally are addressed as part of your regular routine for optimal living. Are you exercising your body and brain, while continuing to explore what might be your best spiritual expression? Time spent per week?

  2. RELATIONSHIPS: Who are the people in your life? How close are they to your heart? Are the people closest to you getting their fair share of your best self? As you look at the people in your life, do you need to make any changes here?  Are the people closest to you giving you what you want and are you doing the same reciprocally? Time spent this week?

  3. CAREER: Have you found one that is a good fit for you at this stage of your life? Is it one that brings satisfaction and a reasonable income? Do you need to make an adjustment as to career choice or the effort you are putting into it? Time spent this week?

  4. FUN: Yes, fun. Too many people do not make this a priority in life. They are just grinding it out. You need to figure out what is fun for you, plan it, put it on the calendar and then go and enjoy yourself. Time spent this week?

  5. GIVING: Is giving part of your make up? Who or what deserves your giving of your talents, kindness, and support? Time spent this week?

Respected Reader, what do you think about the list? Would you modify its priorities? Add or subtract any one? How about balance with these? It is way too easy to spend an inordinate amount of time on something that actually distorts and disrupts your attempt at balancing all of these valid priorities. Again your calendar is the mirror that reflects your choices.

I cannot stress enough how important a calendar is in these efforts to be accountable for the life you choose to live. I keep a big paper (yes paper) calendar that I can readily write on, look back at, and see what is coming up. Any commitment to move forward should involve an accountability factor. Your calendar can be it. Try it!

Life is precious and goes by too quickly. Happiness is found by living a life of integrity with clear priorities, leading to a successful life well lived. Is that your style or are some adjustments in order?

“The unexamined life is not worth living”  Socrates

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Dr. Stathas can be reached at 706-473-1780. Email: jstathas13@gmail.com. Web site: drstathas.googlepages.com. Blog: drstathas.com