Tips for Getting Used to Your New CPAP Machine

Tips for Getting Used to Your New CPAP Machine

So it’s time to sleep with a CPAP machine, and you’re having some trouble making the adjustment. It can be challenging for anyone to get into a new sleep routine. But rest assured that you’ll be sleeping soundly soon. These tips for getting used to your new CPAP machine will help you get a good night’s rest.

Get the Proper Mask

Getting the proper mask is crucial for your comfort. The right mask can make transitioning to a CPAP machine a breeze, so measure your CPAP mask size before buying. While full-face masks are most effective, nasal or nasal pillow masks may be better for you, especially if you have facial hair. Get properly fitted for a mask to ensure you’re comfortable.

Acclimate Yourself to the Mask

Adjust your mask until it fits securely and comfortably. Doing this properly can help prevent morning dry mouth or air in the eyes.

Also, wearing your mask in the daytime is one of the best tips for getting used to your new CPAP machine. By wearing your mask during the day, you can acclimate to the way it feels on your face and guarantee a restful sleep.

Use Quiet Equipment and Sleep With Sound

Diffuser masks and quiet machines can make the transition to a CPAP much easier. Technology can make your CPAP machine much quieter than you’d expect.

Getting used to the sounds of a CPAP at bedtime can still be a bit of a challenge. Start sleeping with relaxing music or white noise to drown out the noise of your CPAP. This will make your transition to bedtime relaxing.

Adjust to Sleeping With It

Getting used to sleeping on your back is a great way to ensure your comfort at bedtime. Sleep on your back, and your hoses won’t feel like they’re getting in the way.

If you’re still having trouble getting used to your new CPAP machine, try wearing it for a short daytime nap instead. Wearing your CPAP for a shorter nap will help you grow accustomed to the feeling of your CPAP at bedtime.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

A clean CPAP machine is crucial, as dirt and grime can cause malfunctions or health risks due to things like mold and bacteria. Create a cleaning schedule so that your CPAP machine continues to work properly.

Be Patient

Adjusting to your CPAP machine at night can be stressful but be patient with yourself. Big changes don’t become easy overnight. But before you know it, you’ll be getting restful and rejuvenating sleep with your CPAP machine.