Tips for Removing VOCs From Your Home’s Air

Tips for Removing VOCs From Your Home’s Air

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause many health ailments, and they pose a widespread problem in countless households. These chemicals reduce the air quality in your home and can cause headaches, asthma, breathing difficulties, and other types of respiratory irritation. And these are just some of the health effects of poor indoor air quality.

To live a happier, healthier home life, you need to learn the best tips for removing VOCs from your home’s air. Here’s a list of things you can try to eliminate these irritants once and for all.

Increase Ventilation in Your Home

When your home lacks proper ventilation, VOCs build up and compound on each other, increasing the adverse effects you may experience. However, you can get rid of these chemicals by allowing fresh air to enter your home. Opening up your windows, using the fans in your bathroom and kitchen, and installing a mechanical ventilator are all fantastic methods for increasing your home’s ventilation.

Know Which Products To Avoid

Many household products contain VOCs, so you simply need to avoid these products to limit your exposure to the chemicals. Examples of products containing VOCs include store-bought paint, paint thinners, pesticides, cleaners, particle boards, and fuel.

If your home has a shed or garage, use it for storing gas-powered equipment such as leaf blowers, chainsaws, and lawnmowers so that you aren’t bringing the VOCs associated with the fuel indoors. You’ll also want to install an exhaust fan wherever you store these items to reduce the amount of VOCs you inhale in the space.

Another tip for avoiding VOCs is to regularly clear your home of all containers, plastic packaging, and paint materials. If you aren’t sure where to dispose of these chemicals, try reaching out to your local waste management service.

Place Houseplants Throughout the Area

Using houseplants as home décor can improve your home’s appearance while reducing your exposure to VOCs. Plants such as aloe, peace lilies, and Chinese evergreens can absorb VOCs and other dangerous toxins. However, if you put all your plants in one area, they could increase the moisture in the air, leading to mold growth. Mold causes many health complications, so avoid it by spacing out your plants.

Overall, following these top tips for removing VOCs from your home’s air is one of the best things you can do to improve your indoor air quality. Now that you know the tips to follow, you can immediately start living your best life!