Tips To Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

Tips To Mentally Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

Preparing for bariatric procedures comes with a whirlwind of emotions. Fortunately, you can enter the right mental state to prepare for the road ahead. Follow these tips to mentally prepare for weight loss surgery!

Create Realistic Expectations

Like diet and exercise, don’t expect results to appear overnight. After weight loss surgery, expect gradual results. Don’t feel discouraged that your weight loss isn’t similar to another patient. Everyone’s lifestyles and bodies are different. Focus on recovery and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Join a Support Group

Support goes a long way, especially for post-op surgery life. Join a weight loss support group to meet new and long-term patients. Everyone can share their experiences and bond over bariatric procedures. Before surgery, members can encourage your journey and offer kind words!

Consult With Your Doctor

You and your doctor want the best results from the bariatric procedure. To understand the ins and outs of your surgery, it’s best to consult with your doctor. Schedule time to address concerns and questions regarding the procedure. The more you understand the surgery, the more confidence you have in your medical team.

Furthermore, you can talk about post-op requirements. For instance, “what is my meal plan after surgery” is one question to ask your doctor before weight loss surgery. When you know what to expect, you can mentally prepare for what’s to come!

Address Emotional Eating

Overeating, emotional eating, or food addictions are issues that many people experience. Sometimes, emotional triggers cause people to overindulge. Weight loss surgery limits your food and caloric intake. However, a smaller stomach and limited food intake won’t decrease your impulse to eat during emotional triggers. Before surgery, talk with a therapist to pinpoint your triggers and find nonfood-based solutions. Perhaps walking, taking breaks, or squeezing a stress ball can help you manage tough times.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Mentally prepare for weight loss surgery by keeping a positive attitude. Life after bariatric procedures seems daunting, especially during post-op care. Don’t think of difficulties or roadblocks as horrible occurrences. Think of them as challenges you will overcome! When you bring positive energy to situations, you have a “glass half-full” way of addressing things.