Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling 

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If you’re like me, you’re on the road a lot, which means you spend a ton of time hopping from one hotel to the other and changing your routine based on what’s on the agenda! You also probably know that while staying on track all the time is ideal, sticking to your normal workout routine while you’re on the move can sometimes be challenging. What you may not know, however, is that with Studio SWEAT onDemand, you can start streaming the best online workouts like yoga and Spinning classes from the comfort of your hotel!

Now, here are some other tips you can use to stay fit while traveling:

Pack the Right Stuff

Planning your workouts away begins at home. Packing the right stuff for your trip will make your life much easier while you’re traveling. Start with your attire: choose lightweight clothes that dry fast and don’t forget your running shoes. Next, pack a lightweight yoga mat that folds into a square. Squeeze it into your suitcase, so you don’t have to exercise on the hotel floor. Since carrying weights is probably the furthest you can get from ‘packing light’, throw a couple resistance bands or your TRX strap in your bag and you can do a bunch of strength exercises from your room.

Get Started ASAP 

Hey, I get it! You’re busy, busy, busy, and or trying to make time to enjoy this trip with your family. But you really have to listen to me on this one! Start working out as soon as you can when reach your destination. Remember those lightweight workout clothes you packed? Change right into them as soon as you have a free moment, when you’re back at the hotel. Plus,if you’re traveling with kids, the earlier and the sooner you can get your workout done and out of the way, the better!

Schedule Those Workouts

Even if you are on vacation, set a predetermined time for workouts, like you would any other business meeting or plan for the day. If you treat your workouts as you do any other appointment or plan, you reduce all the mental effort of trying to convince yourself (or the people traveling with you) that you should exercise. Instead, your workout becomes the next thing on the itinerary. Now stick to your schedule and do it!

Stay Active and Eat Properly

If for whatever reason you really can’t exercise, get creative and find other ways to stay active. Walk whenever and wherever you can. Use stairs rather than elevators. When you have the chance, get out and explore the city. And above all, maintain a healthy and balanced diet the whole time. This will help you feel better and will keep you energized. And yes that might mean skipping the happy hour artichoke dip – the things we do to stay healthy!

Create Your Own Fitbit Challenge

While we’re on the subject of exploring your new home-away-from-home, another great idea for burning calories on the road is with a homemade workout challenge. If you happen to have a Fitbit, or even just any smartphone these days, you can track your steps, leading up to a goal that you set each day. If you haven’t reached your goal at the end of the day, walk around your hotel until you’ve reached your goal. Consistency is key people!

Choose the Right Hotel, with the Right Equipment

Plenty of hotels out there come with a fully equipped gym, and that means access to stationary bikes. Do some research before your trip to find a hotel with a gym that meets your workout needs, or start streaming online Spin classes from Studio SWEAT onDemand, and get sweating’ while you’re away.

Cat Kom, is a celebrated expert in the fitness world, who launched a global movement to bring fitness to the masses, no matter their age, ability or skill level. Through her companyStudio SWEAT onDemand, a fitness studio based in San Diego, California, she produces streaming workouts that can be accessed through their app, any internet browser, smart device or TV. As one of Huffington Post’s ‘Limit Breaking Female Founders,’ Cat has gained notoriety for her classes featuring passionate trainers and real people, getting real results.