Top 4 Reasons Men Don’t Go to the Doctor

Why Men Avoid the Doctor

It’s no secret men avoid going to the doctor with a would-rather-scrub-the-toilet-than-schedule-an-appointment kind of hate. With Movember putting men’s health under the spotlight, MDsave wanted to help men understand why.

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This Movember, MDsave wants to help men better understand what keeps two thirds of them from darkening the doorstep of their primary care physician (if they even have one), maybe by helping them take their health into their own hands.

1. Going to the doctor isn’t convenient

Starting with the most obvious reason: Convenience. Sixty-one percent of men said they’d be more likely to go for annual check-ups if it was more convenient. That’s because it takes time to schedule an appointment, and it takes time to carve out hours from your day to keep said appointment. And if you don’t already have a primary care physician? Then there’s research involved. 

2. They think they’re healthy, so they don’t need to see a doctor

Unless they already have a known issue, a lot of men in their 20s and 30s consider themselves healthy, and if you’re healthy, why do you need to go to the doctor? They’ve decided that they only need to schedule an appointment if something is wrong, and even then 65% tend to wait as long as possible to see a doctor if they don’t have any symptoms. The problem with that is that a lot of health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer start small, so by the time you feel it, it’s a much more serious problem.

3. They’d rather tough it out than see a doctor

Even when men do start to feel sick, they’d rather fight through it than visit a doctor. A lot of this has to do with upbringing, with 41% of men being told as children that men don’t complain about health issues, according to a recent survey by the Cleveland Clinic. They think their condition will improve and that going to a doctor will be a waste of time and money.

4. They’re scared of what they’ll find out

Sixty-five percent of men self-diagnose rather than going to see a doctor, and even when they do go, they aren’t always honest because they’re afraid of what they’ll find out. In fact, 37% of men would rather not know if they have a health issue.

So what can men do to take care of their health?

This isn’t meant to scare men (or their spouse/partner) into going to the doctor. Instead, think of it this way: Taking the time once a year now can mean less time needed in the doctor’s office later. Being healthy now, may make men want to stay that way. Annual physical exams can help.

MDsave offers a search for comprehensive physical exams, making it easy to know the cost upfront. It’s time to stop connecting doctor visits with something wrong and instead think about it as a way to feel better in general — now and in the future.

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