Top Ways To Stay Active While in Your Workplace

Top Ways To Stay Active While in Your Workplace

While the office is a hub of brainpower, productivity, and collaboration, it isn’t always the best place for staying physically active. Many of us will spend most of our working years sitting at a desk. This stagnation can lead to a plethora of health problems later in life. In fact, you may already find yourself experiencing the natural aches and pains that come from poor sitting posture and long days of inactivity. Here are some of the top ways to stay active while in your workplace so that you can live a healthier lifestyle and decrease your risk of future health ailments.

Take Stretch Breaks

If you’re in between projects and looking for a break, taking a moment to stand and stretch can be very effective. After sitting for long periods, it’s common for muscles to stiffen, making individuals uncomfortable. Stretching allows you to work these areas, increasing blood flow and alleviating any tightness you feel. This rush of blood also helps improve your mood, keeps your heart functioning efficiently, and even supplies you with additional energy for the next task.

Utilize Active Seating

It’s also effective to utilize active seating wherever possible. Active seating consists of specialized chairs or furniture pieces that keep you moving even though you’re sitting down. There are several key benefits to using active seating, such as improved posture, muscle building, and calorie burning. With the aid of these items, you can keep yourself fit and healthy just by going about your daily business.

Hold Standing or Walking Meetings

Another top way to stay active while in your workplace is to hold standing or walking meetings whenever possible. Not all business discussions need to take place at a conference table. Believe it or not, some of the best ideas form when you’re moving your body. Many find that walks are the ideal way to regain their focus. Walking meetings, in particular, can be very productive since the increased blood flow makes it easier for the brain to perform at peak efficiency.

Take the Stairs Rather Than the Elevator

Simple lifestyle switches such as taking the stairs over the elevator can help too. While this change might be inconvenient, especially if your office is on a high floor, it’s a great way to get some movement into your day. Stairs assist with your daily cardio. They also strengthen the muscles in your legs and glutes. You’ll be healthier and stronger for it in the long run. After some time doing it, walking up several flights might even start to seem like a breeze.

If you’re looking to increase your activity in the workplace, try one of these reliable methods. Your body and mind will both thank you for it.