Vital Medical Billing & Consulting—Advocate for the Provider and the Patient

Dawn Swanson founded Vital Medical Billing & Consulting in 2016. Her team is passionate about removing the stress healthcare professionals face on the back end, in order to help them focus on what’s most important – patient care. They are devoted to maximizing office revenue, providing insurance credentialing, new office set up, and assisting with any leadership coaching necessary to improve overall performance and efficiency.

Vital Medical Billing & Consulting not only offers services on the business end but for customer clients as well. They help consumers understand their patient benefits and their financial responsibilities. 

Let a team member assist you with the insurance process, decipher billing and clarification on benefit coverage. They understand how difficult it can be to sort through medical and insurance paperwork and want to help.

Give Vital Medical Billing & Consulting a call today to see how they can help you. Call (762) 220-1800 or visit

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