Ways Office Décor Can Improve Worker Health and Productivity

Ways Office Décor Can Improve Worker Health and Productivity

Interior design is more than just something nice to look at. The way you design a space influences how you feel in it. This concept applies to more than just your home. A well-decorated office space promotes better focus, productivity, and work-life balance among employees than a drab, emotionless workspace does. Whether you’re running an office or are looking for fun ideas to suggest to your manager, make your work a little brighter with these three ways office décor can improve worker health and productivity.

Color Theory and Employee Mood

Did you know that certain colors can evoke certain moods and emotions? Blue and green have a calming effect, yellow boosts optimism and creativity, and red inspires passion. Using colors wisely can help stimulate workers and create energy within your office space.

Green and blue inspire a quiet, calm, and focused environment. The creativity that stems from yellow is wonderful for creative and collaborative atmospheres. Meanwhile, red can be a helpful color in high-intensity jobs that require physical labor.

A Natural Touch

Humans should interact with nature. The more plant life, fresh air, and natural light you can incorporate into your office, the better. There are several classy ways to bring natural décor into your office space. Low-maintenance indoor plants, like cacti or air plants, will thrive in your office space. Good ventilation will also help keep the air fresh and clean within your workspace. Finally, brighten your space by using light colors, mirrors, and glass walls throughout your office.

These tips become more important when you have an interior office or work in a building without access to outdoor areas. Natural décor can improve your office’s air quality and brighten employees’ moods. By bringing a little bit of the natural world into your workspace, you promote better health and productivity among your team.

Make Decorations Personal

One of the best ways office décor can improve worker health and productivity is when employees have a personal connection with the space around them. Find ways to get the whole team involved in designing the office. Host creative team-building activities—such as painting classes—and hang the results on your walls. Place a pet board on the wall for everyone to add to with pictures of their beloved animals. Include everyone on a vote for the next big piece of décor.

In addition to bringing more character to the space, personal decorations help employees feel like they’re a part of something important. Every time your employees look up at the space around them, they’ll have a small but personal reminder of why they do the work they do.