Ways To Improve Public Health in the Community

Ways To Improve Public Health in the Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. As the end of the pandemic is in sight and residents will be able to finally venture back outside, there are ways to improve public health in the community to create a more active and safe community. Consider a few of these suggestions for inspiration as to what works best for your community.

Provide Common Utilities

As the pandemic has created a higher expectation for sanitation, you should take advantage of that by providing new utilities like public bathrooms, handwashing stations, and even more trash cans. These will prevent littering and the spread of germs, making sanitation much more convenient for your residents. These upgrades can be quite the expense, however, so get the community involved by holding fundraisers. Doing so will not only allow them to contribute to their community but also benefits them personally.

Community Amenities

Amenities are both luxuries and opportunities for encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Public parks allow residents to enjoy the outdoors and give them a common ground to socialize and meet with each other. Multigenerational fitness parks allow for residents of all ages—including kids—to get some physical activity and improve their health without having to pay for gym memberships or equipment.

This setup is also ideal for families who may not have the time to look after themselves when they have kids to care for. Multigenerational parks provide a place that kids can have fun and burn off energy while adults exercise and keep an eye on their kids as they play. It’s not entirely an expense on your part either, as parks like these improve the property value of the area surrounding it, making your community much more valuable in more ways than one.

Improve Public Transit

Vehicles are a major offender in terms of pollution, both by the carbon dioxide they generate and the noise they produce. Improving public transit is one of the best ways to improve public health in the community. Residents will be more inclined to use public transit if it’s convenient, effective, and cheaper than using their own vehicle. Ensuring that transportation arrives and leaves on time, as well as keeping it clean and sanitary, will make public transit more appealing to your community and cut down on the amount of traffic within the neighborhood.