Ways to Transition Your Workout From Summer To Fall

Ways to Transition Your Workout From Summer To Fall

The days grow shorter, and temperatures grow cooler as the seasons change. It’s time to transition your workout from summer to fall with these ideas to stay safe and healthy during the cooler weather.

Add Layers

Your body temperature rises as you work out, meaning you’ll want to start off keeping your body warm and then ditch the long sleeves. A good rule to remember while you’re out for your stroll or jog is to plan your attire as if it were 10 degrees warmer.

Wear a long-sleeve shirt that can easily roll up if needed. Or find a lightweight sweatshirt that you can pull off when you’ve gotten warm enough.

Keep Hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated doesn’t fade with the changing of seasons. Cold weather pulls moisture out of the air, and that dehydrates you faster than you expect. The best way to know if you’re hydrated enough is to check your urine. If it’s yellow or brown, you’re most likely dehydrated unless it’s the yellow that comes from supplements.

Change Your Moves

The changing of seasons is the perfect time to change up your routine. Maybe even shift to trying a workout routine indoors. If you’re a runner, try interval running on a treadmill or enroll in a new class. It’s easy for us to stay stagnant because we don’t appreciate change but changing things up is when we push the boundaries. Try something different and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Get Outdoors

Cooler temperatures and gorgeous colors aren’t the only great things about fall. Exercising in the cold means burning more calories. It takes more energy for your body to warm up, which in turn is additional calories used.

Another reason you’ll burn more calories is the uneven terrain and fall wind. These are resistances for your body to push against, or you can use them to your advantage to get your personal best. Your body will use more muscle to get through.

Daylight Savings Time

Fall is a sign that shorter days are upon us. You could work out in the dark if you run or walk early or late in the day. Today’s a great day to invest in headgear and headlamps to stay safe while you’re outside exercising. You can use this time to switch up the routine and go for a mid-day stroll or jog. And don’t forget to continue wearing sunscreen.

Fall Chores

Raking is a fantastic way to work out and use those muscles. Why not turn something you dislike into an exercise? Keep it up and mow the lawn, then bag the leaves to continue the calorie burn.

Make Stretching a Priority

Your muscles get tighter as the temperatures get colder. Whether working out inside or outside, you need to prioritize stretching and a good warmup to begin. Don’t forget the cool down after as well.

Fall is all about change, and your workouts should embrace that. You should take advantage of everything this beautiful season has to offer by incorporating it into your exercise routine. So get outside, rake the leaves, and stay hydrated.

It’s also not a bad idea to think about the holidays as they quickly approach. There are perfect tech gifts for you to treat yourself or others with to better their fitness regime. Don’t forget to have fun transitioning your workout from summer to fall.